Discussion: Blackburn: GOP 'Led The Fight For Women's Equality' (VIDEO)

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Cannot wait to see Plucky weigh in on this! Too bad Chammy cannot comment just now, I’ll bet she’s busting a gasket or two.

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Republicans would like to focus on female small business owners and access to capital for women, rather than pass equal pay legislation.

So in other words Republicans would like to do something that helps the fewest number of women and costs nothing.


This woman is the poster child for the word “twit” because that’s what she is, a completely useless twit who has absolutely nothing of value to say. She cites the fact that there are women Republicans as proof that somehow the party isn’t legislating against women. There are plenty of gay Republicans too, that doesn’t somehow magically mean your party isn’t hilariously hostile to gays.

I wish someone would ask her what pieces of legislation have Republicans put forth that would address equal opportunity or the “problems that exist that are not fair to women” I’m tired of these idiots being able to get away with saying, “we’re so totally for women” as they continually legislate against anything that would positively effect women’s lives.

Attack dog Marcia never misses a yap as she about-faces for the cameras. Lady Macbeth could take lessons from her…

she said. “We’re all for equal pay.”

As the Huffington Post noted, Blackburn voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009

I don’t think she knows what she supports or doesn’t support.

Very simple just as the Texas twit said last week. Women are very busy.

That explains everything don’t you see?

Pretty much. Must be tough to be so busy that ya hafta accept inequality.

Ed Schultz just did a segment on an RCP article that states she’s testing the waters for a 2016 run. Yes, this twit thinks she should be president. I have no doubt that the 2016 clown car is going to make the establishment long for a return to the seriousness and professionalism of the 2012 primary.

Now that’s some pretty good humor right there. Yeah boy there sure was a bunch of really erudite folk out on the campaign trail for the GOP in 2012.

My point is that as awful as their candidates were in 2012, those folks’ crazy will pale in comparison to the nutbaggery coming in 2016.

"It is Republicans that have led the fight for women’s equality. " Marsha, I call B.S. on that comment. Marsha, you should go back through the comments many in your GOP have made recently and see if it actually compares to your understanding. From what I know it doesn’t. Not even a little bit.

Well then Plucky, we should lay in a heaping supply of pop corn and butter.