Discussion: Black Caucus Rep: Don't GOPers Understand Confederate Flag Is 'An Insult?'

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Of course they do, duh. That’s the point.


I would say that they do, and they know that it’s there to make sure that Blacks know who is in charge around those parts of the US where it still flies.


“…A period when four million blacks were held as slaves. Held as property, as chattel, not as human beings.”

A period which the House GOP dearly wants to resurrect.


Actually they do but they are carried away with the possibility of actually saying 'ni(CLANG!) in public.

They can’t help themselves.

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They call it ‘The good ol’ days.’


…when they knew their place.

Black Caucus Rep: Don’t GOPers Understand Confederate Flag Is ‘An Insult?’

Of course they do. The Rep must however realize they just give a shit…

They hide behind willful ignorance!

In other news the House Transportation Committee has subpoenaed Sheila Jackson Lee and Julia Carson to ask them exactly what the hell is so wrong with riding in the back of the bus.

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Additionally for many they are giving Black and other racial minorities the finger and any objection makes them very happy.

This is turning out a bit differently than most GOP’er stunts. Sure they know the flag is objectionable to a lot of folks…that’s why they’re pushing it. But usually GOP’ers get on top of shit quick with gimmicks or jingos ( guns don’t kill people…government takeover of heath care ) and everyone goes along.

Not this time. No matter how hard they try this one’s going bad. The old tricks and methods aren’t working.

But like Napoleon said…don’t interrupt them…

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…those who embraced the battle flag as a symbol of white supremacy

This is the true heritage of this flag, white supremacy.

White southerners had their asses kicked by white northerners, so they needed to boost their egos by letting blacks know who was in charge and that blacks were second class citizens as well as human beings in the south.

All this bull shit about heritage not hate and states’ rights not slavery is just that, a total bunch of bull shit.

“Don’t Republicans understand that the Confederate battle flag is an insult to 40 million African Americans and to many other fair-minded Americans?”

Yes, they do…they just figure they’ve got more than 40M white racists in their sure-vote base, so they don’t give a fuck.

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and if they can just squeeze a couple dollars out of each one … WOW –

Mr. Butterfield, don’t you understand that they can’t stand you and do not care that an entire race of people mean nothing to them?This deep seated hate will take years to overcome as demonstrated by dozens of recent news events.