Discussion: Bipartisan Group Of Guvs Warn Against Repealing O'Care Now, Replacing Later

I suspect the same group will fight the “sabotage and kill” strategy that Drumpfie is pushing. It’ll kill their states, especially the red ones.


I can’t imagine this current House ever passing any bill that strengthens the ACA. That is just not happening.


How many anvils can fall on McConnell’s head in a single day? Damn!

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Not enough for my tastes.


A bipartisan Senate bill to fix the ACA, dying in the House before the mid-terms works for me.


“Even the republican governors”.

Thanks Chalie. I may even vote for you next time around.

You know, it would be super awesome if we could identify the individual whose picture is at the top of this article, in the body of the article. I’m relatively certain he’s not John Kasich, but other than that, I haven’t a clue. Not all of us can recognize all the governors of this country without identification.

Yes, that’s an annoying omission. Since when do you publish a photo without a caption?

BTW, I think it’s Sandoval.

Considering the importance of VA, PA and OH in Presidential elections, you would think Republicans at the national level would take notice…

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Proud of the 11 Republican and Democrat governors who have pulled together to share an important message on health care reform.
pic.twitter.com/IcmUyM4m4g— John Kasich (@JohnKasich) July 18, 2017

Democratic, asshole.

And this is what passes for a “sane” Republican.

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Correct, it’s Sandoval.

I see Kentucky Governor Matt “I Got Mine; Fuck You” Bevin is not on the list. That’s because the very first thing he did upon taking office was to eliminate Kentucky’s Obamacare exchange - the most successful state exchange in the nation and the most successful anti-poverty program in Kentucky history.

And now he’s eliminating the Medicaid expansion that has saved tens of thousands of Kentucky lives.

I’d love to know what Kasich and Sandoval think about him privately.