Discussion: Biographer: O'Reilly Didn't Witness Suicide—And He Got The House Wrong

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Harvey Lee Oswald? Really?


O’Reilly told such Dreadful Lies,
It made one Gasp and Stretch one’s Eyes.

Apologies to the spirit of Hilaire Belloc [1870-1953]


But that’s gotta be the right house. Billo had PICTURES of it.


Bigger and bigger big steaming piles of lies. He certainly wasn’t hired for his honesty.

I’m interested if a number of the big-name newscasters have been, um, somewhat reserved in their back-patting recently. Wouldn’t want to call too much attention to themselves or someone may actually factcheck their personal fluff.


Look, this was an honest mistake. It was probably some OtHER guy who fucked up with a shotgun.

It WAS Florida, for Chris’sake.


Wonder how much Billo spends on fire-retardant for his breeches of untruth?

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to lie at cluster faux ooze is rewarded … to tell the truth they give you your walking papers


Good to see that even Newsweek is adding to the library of lies told by O’Reilly. Surely Newseek is read and believed by many O’Reilley viewers and will realize they can’t trust the man. That’s the audience that has to be reached in order for this real scandal to have any adverse effect on the Fox ratings.

We have entered beating a dead horse territory. Oreilly is a liar, that’s the truth, more proof is good proof but it doesn’t make him more dishonest. 100% dishonest and intentionally factually incorrect are the pinnacle of lying. Oreilly is the #1 liar on cable news. Yay Bill Oreilly.

It is funny that he doesn’t even get his lies correct, Tom Cotton must be so jealous.


Fox, Ailes, and Murdoch will continue to stonewall, and in the end Bill-O will stay on. It only says it’s a news organization in its title, not in its charter. They have all the credibility they need among their brainwashed acolytes; integrity, not so much.

He IS witnessing his OWN suicide.