Discussion: Bill O'Reilly Mocks Baltimore Protestors In Stand Up Comedy Bit

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Billo doing stand-up??? Well that will be a success (not)
I’d rate it …EPIC FAIL without even knowing anything about it.
And since the audience groaned at one of his jokes it looks like I’m right.

Does Billo think he’s an expert at stand up? I wonder who conned him into this.

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Worst. Comedy. Tour. EVER.


Bill Orally and Dennis Miller on tour? What’s the tour name, “Velveeta and Wonder Bread?”


I cannot imagine a worse night than going to see Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly trying to do stand up. I am not sure that O’Reilly even understands what humor is, and given his notoriously thin skin, I simply cannot imagine him holding it together when the inevitable heckling starts. (though watching him meltdown is usually entertaining!)

Dennis Miller has not been funny for decades…basically since he left SNL Weekend Update (where actual funny people were writing his bits). He committed himself to the right wing, where what passes of humor is essentially the gleeful drooling over sadistic fantasies.

The two of them combined? Just no…


Conservative humor really is the absolute worst.

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Was he standing up in a war zone?

Miller was funny at one time, until his show was cancelled due to low ratings and lack of humor (same thing happened at Monday Night Football)… O’Reilly? The only time he brings me to a chuckle is when he starts defending his impeccable journalistic ethics.

I take umbrage with TPM using the phrase “comedy tour” and thereby giving them undeserved credit for actually performing comedy/funny material. Don’t give credit where it’s not due. You would have been 100% within the right to use something like “Alleged” or 'so-called" to modify that…or to just call it a speaking tour.

Both of them should have their balls flayed for the atrocities against humor they commit on a daily basis.

Bill O’Reilly doing standup? I’d rather see five dogs come out on stage and start vomiting.

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Not a Billo fan, but what did destroying a pharmacy do for racial justice?

Why is Billo On Mock-caucus Tour…

with Dennis the Meanance?

No, that would be “No Country for Old White Laughing Men in Suits”

Continuing evidence that there is no such thing as a good conservative comedian. Dennis Miller shat his pants on 9-11 and hasn’t changed since.

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Brought the media out in droves, something apparently the peaceful demonstrations were unable to do.

Something about the difference between useless entertainment and important civic discourse.

The only way O’reilly and Miller are funny is unintentionally.

*Conservative humor is not humorous.

The people who were demonstrating and the people destroying the pharmacy are not the same. That should be obvious. There are always people who cause trouble in these situations. Sometimes the troublemakers are encouraged by authorities to discredit the protesters. I don’t know if it’s true in this case, but it’s a common tactic. If we had a national media which wasn’t composed of half-witted corporate shills we’d know all these facts.

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The bit was part of O’Reilly’s “Don’t Be A Pinhead Tour,” a traveling comedy show starring the Fox host and frequent “Factor” guest Dennis Miller.

I understand that two negatives create a positive, but two remarkably unfunny people do not create humor.