Discussion: Bill Cosby Dumped By Talent Agency After Accusations

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…the comedian admitted in a sworn deposition to obtaining Quaaludes to sexually assault women.

I don’t understand this. 'Ludes? You’d be waking your “partner” up every thirty seconds. What fun is that?
I’ve got a recliner that I’ve nicknamed “Quaalude” because I fall asleep as soon as I sit down.
Cocaine is much better!
At least that’s what I’m told, having no experience with such things myself.

If he’d only slept with Ryan Seacrest…

One things bothers me about the whole Cosby saga.It is the phenomenon I refer to as ‘piling on’ I see so often in Asian countries. A rich or powerful man or woman, usually a politician or businessperson, indulges in bad conduct. During the height of their power no one says anything. However, after some huge mistake where they fall from grace, people can’t wait to say, “I knew he/she was a jerk too!”.

I know that it is difficult (and risky) to challenge a powerful person. However, why didn’t any of the accusers go public in a big way when (assuming that all the accusations are true) it could have saved future victims? What is the point of waiting until the powerful man/woman has fallen, and all the damage has been done? What will we learn from what will no doubt be an endless torrent of articles denouncing Mr. Cosby?

He hasn’t really had that much of a career for a while now so they weren’t making money on him.

THIS was just the icing on the cake.

Because of the shame associated with being raped. Our society shames anyone who is raped and often protects the rapist from prosecution. Even if the rapist is prosecuted, people often go after what the woman was wearing, what the woman was doing, was she drinking, did she willingly take the drugs, did she provoke the man’s arousal and then play coy? As a woman, coming forward to expose a rapist, even one who is not famous, is tricky to the point of being nearly impossible largely due to the fact that men act as if any woman who comes forward must be lying or provoked the attack. This is despite the fact that only 6% of accusations are false.

The same holds true for child molestation survivors. We had a case here in Vermont where one girl finally came forward and said that her teacher had molested her, and it broke open the entire case. The man, who will likely die in prison, had molested at least seven children over the years, and they finally came forward to say so, but the shame associated with rape, which we transfer to any victim of rape no matter how young, often leads to silence.

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Don’t go blaming the victims. Several tried. But without an internet to identify that this was a pattern of behavior, rather than an isolated occurrence of an unproveable accusation by a nobody against “America’s Dad”, their complaints were ignored or disbelieved.
No one believed them. Not the police. Not the media.

Not much of a career? The guy could still sell out 3000-5000 seaters every day of the year if he wanted. Until the news broke last year, he was being actively sought to star in a new sitcom.

He may not have had stadium sized crowds, as he once did, but I’d bet he’d still be in the top 5% of even CAA’s money earners.

What bothers me most about the entire Cosby debacle is that there had to be people around him that knew he was a sexual predator abusing women, but that he was a money making commodity, and so they enabled him to go uncaught at the expense of his victums. I will never be convinced that powerful men did not know at least some of what was going on and let it continue. The statue of limitations may be long passed for these women, but as a society, I think he should be removed from all public attention and his career erased as much as possible. This would certainly be punishment to someone with an ego the size of his. Give him the O.J. treatment.