Discussion: Bill Clinton Warned Jeb Is 'Real Threat,' Christie Not So Much

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Is he baiting Republicans?

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Bush is leading because he’s the only candidate they can advance with a straight face. He has ZERO chance at winning a general election. I agree about Christie and the ‘flash in the pan’ thing but I differ from President Clinton in that I think that flash was long ago. He’s not a serious candidate.

I’ll bet the GOP thing boils down to a Romney / Bush fight similar to the Obama / Clinton one. The two GOP’ers appeal to different segments of that party so it will get ugly. Won’t matter much. Neither of them can win a nationwide election.


Honestly, they ought to have Bill Clinton take a back seat to his wife’s campaign when it comes to strategy. He really has no finesse in managing her and can, as he’s done in the past, insert foot. Just by mentioning ‘The Man with No Last Name’ ™, he just elevated the asshole unnecessarily in my humble opinion.

Great President, Bad Campaign Manager.

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I can’t see Bush getting anywhere near a GOP nod because of his stance on immigration. It’s such a foaming at the mouth issue for so many RWNJs that it seems he would lack a sufficient base to get past the primaries. If he did somehow get past the primaries, he would do much better with a pool of DINOs who don’t get all worked up about those cataloupe-calved, ebola carrying Others.

I never thought RMoney could get as far as he did in the primaries, seriously. I thought the boneheads in the GOTP would never put him up as their candidate. So stranger things have happened.

From where I’m sitting, it looks more like a reach around :blush:

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Former President Bill Clinton warned former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that if she does decide to run for president in 2016, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would be a real threat among potential 2016 Republican primary candidates while New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ® would be more of a flash in the pan.

More like a grease fire.


As long as it isn’t raised during the primaries as an issue, then Bush will do fine. And, with perhaps the exception of Paul, I think you will find that the GOP is going to lose a lot of their interest in discussing immigration this year. Funny how that works.

Quite frankly I almost think that they are bringing Romney into the primaries just so the GOP can say they had primaries instead of just anointing Bush. I think you will see folks like Carson pushed way into the back, and given very little press time from the right wing media.

The Tea Party lost in 2014. Their two highest profile targets…Graham and McConnell, easily dispatched their TP challengers. Yes, they did replace Cantor, but I fail to see how that can be viewed as a major victory, given that the nutcase that won is going right to the rear of the back benches where he will have absolutely zero impact on things.

And now the establishment wing is going to go forward as if the TP never existed.

“I never thought RMoney could get as far as he did in the primaries, seriously. I thought the boneheads in the GOTP would never put him up as their candidate. So stranger things have happened.”

Romney “won” the primary in 2012 simply because he had a huge advantage regarding funding. So he quite literally spent millions money bombing a bunch of wannabes and also rans. Not exactly the stuff that strong candidate stories are made, but it was no surprise he won. That was a given going into the election cycle…it was Romney’s to lose.

The fact that it took as long as it did to vanquish them, combined with the fact that the ring wing kept pulling Romney further to their side during the general, says volumes about how weak his candidacy was within the GOP. And not much has changed to improve his standing, either.

He is there simply to give the appearance that Bush has a competitor.

Bill, I like you, but please sit down and shut up. Hillary’s got this.

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I agree with your overall assessment. I just remember President Clinton during Hillary’s first run really bringing more problems to her campaign then was necessary. Most were self-inflicted wounds. Bubba has a tenacity for gab. He just couldn’t stand in the shadows like a presumptive good first husband. I voted for Bill as President. And if Hillary is our nominee, which at this point looks to be the case, I’ll vote for her as a loyal Democrat. The thought of a Republican in the WH makes my skin crawl and nauseates me.

Back in '08 in MI, we had the stinging alternative of voting for Hillary, Chris Dodd or Kucinich in the Democratic primary, because Obama, Biden, Edwards, et al. took their names off the ballot due to MI moving up the primary without National Democratic approval, which rubbed many voters the wrong way. Similar shit happened in Florida. If you’ll remember, Hillary fought for those superdelegates at the convention and they ended up halving the difference if I recall…and the acrimony was palatable for awhile among MI Democratic voters as well as most at the convention.

My point being…Hillary being the presumptive candidate was never a good strategy and Bill Clinton injecting himself way to often to my liking, always made it seem as though she was always the perfunctory and inevitable leading nominee. It ultimately contributed to helping her sink her campaign. Whereas Obama was always “The Little Engine that Could”…the underdog. The whole mess was a real turn-off. If I vote for Hillary…I’m not voting for a third Bill Clinton presidency…as much as some would like that to be the case. He can take a backseat for now as far as I’m concerned. His cache’ is in helping her raise money. That’s what he’s good at these days among the wealthy elite. I hope he’s involved…just not as her primary spokesperson. It gets tiresome quick.

Michelle Obama was not her husband’s campaign spokesperson. I expect Bill to follow form and be “the good little man” behind the scenes. I know he loves the limelight, but really, is that too much to expect this time around? Probably.

now ole bill wouldn’t do somethin like that would he…hahahaahahahahaha…even better watch out for ole shit for brains sarah palin she is a real threat…to our sanity or funny bone

Most definitely. Bill is what he is, and that is perhaps one of the most ravenous political animals on the scene. He loves campaigning, so there is very little chance that he is going to sit quietly in the shadows. Nor do I think he should. Remember the 2012 convention? His speech at that was one of the best he has ever done. No way you keep that sort of asset in the back pocket. Instead, you just have to game it out around the problems he also creates.

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Exactly. Obama had this same meme on all the interwebs during his campaign. “I Got This”. Emphatic confidence.

Every time I hear Bill talking about Hillary’s run, I think he’s trying to take over and dominate. Its a real turnoff. Not a very nice picture for a woman running to be the first female as President of the United States, who’s more than capable of standing on her own two feet. When he says something…its as if he’s injecting unnecessary doubt as to whether she’s capable of doing that. It comes off as patronizing bullshit when he goes after any potential rivals. Defend her if you must…but stay out of determining the overall strategy for her campaign. That’s what they pay others to do.

Bush is actually not leading in the polls, Romney is. LOL

The situation in 2012 was a completely different thing as he was supporting Obama and his policies as the Explainer in Chief. You may want a third term Bill Clinton presidency. I don’t. I value his political chops and his behind the scenes experience, all as helpful input, but he’s not the one that will be sitting in the Oval Office this time around, nor do I want to hear his name every time Hillary’s name is brought up. Its actually more of an insult to her. She can do this thing. She shouldn’t be elected because he was President. I know that’s a difficult concept…but there it is. That matters greatly. Hillary hasn’t even announced her candidacy yet and he’s already all over the place. Less is more in my book when it comes to Bill Clinton.

I’ve been saying for MONTHS that the Republican ticket will be: Jeb Bush/Chris Christie
Jeb Bush because he is “not the stupid Bush” and is quite a good speaker, is beloved of the Oligarchs (because he IS ONE) AND he has a Latino wife and speaks fluent Spanish (peel off some of those Latino voters.)
Chris Christie because he will relish the role of “bull in the china shop” to keep the Tea-Baggers, Racists, and Ammo-sexuals happy by being a total ass-wipe the entire campaign (and by doing so make Jeb look like the “mature, responsible one”.)
Mark my words, this WILL be the Republican ticket in 2016 and it will be very, very difficult to beat.
They will have $2 Billion in backing of the John-Bircher-Billionaires, a House, Senate, and SCOTUS that will do their bidding gleefully, and a MSM that will fawn all over them like giddy teenagers.

The ONLY thing that will beat them is TURNOUT and look for the State houses under control of the Republicans to radically ramp-up their voter-suppression efforts (with the support of the SCOTUS) to put a stop to THAT.
“This is how Democracy dies: With Thunderous Applause.”

The preferred candidate to run against isn’t relevant unless he thinks Democrats can do something to affect the Republican nomination. Claire McCaskill famously goaded Missouri Republicans into picking Todd Akin as her opponent, so it’s not impossible, but generally there’s nothing one party can do to pick the other party’s candidate. So prepare to run against all the candidates until they drop out, which means lots of unused oppo research, but that’s better than waiting until the opponent is definite.

I think the Clinton’s would love to have Jeb be the nominee, and are blowing smoke. They know the Bush name is not only still toxic, but voids the criticism that Clinton is a dynastic candidate from the past.

But Jeb won’t be the nominee. He’s loathed by the right wing to a degree that not even Romney was, and he doesn’t look like he’s going to try and kiss up either. He’s told himself that gathering up the cash and campaign team and acting as if he’s already the nominee will make it inevitable, and he won’t have to get down in the muck with the rest of the field. It’s already falling apart as a strategy, but I don’t think he’s interested in working hard enough to get the nomination any other way.