Discussion: Biden Changes His Story On Bin Laden Raid: I Always Backed Obama

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Seriously this is getting irritating. And I love the guy.


Joe has been without a doubt a great VP and a complement to Obama but seriously these story changes sure don’t go to a man with a lot of credibility. In addition, the snipe at HRC about republicans being the enemy and his having so many republican friends, tells me I couldn’t give him a first or second thought as a President



And something that I wish people on the Biden bandwagon would consider is…

…he isn’t going to run a good campaign. All indications are he would run a very bad campaign. Putting aside this whole “Will I or Won’t I” fiasco for a moment, everything else we have seen has been a series of missteps, including his comments on this story.

He has already burned up any goodwill he had. Getting into the race, underfunded, understaffed, and behind the deadlines…while showing such huge incompetence…will be a horrible way to limp off into the sunset. I honestly hate to see it happening.



This is precisely the type of thing we’d be dealing with daily if Joe Biden were in the race, or the nominee. It’s not that he isn’t a fine public servant, but he, to an even greater extent than Hillary Clinton, is awful with details, and when pressed becomes even less clear, filling the listener with doubt. He had to drop out of his first campaign for plagiarism, another “sloppiness” error. I hope he decides not to run.


Biden’s numbers plummet if he get’s in the race, I can’t believe he’s this dumb. I only hope he’s playing three dimensional Twister and announces he won’t run after Hilary’s Benghazi testimony to totally wreck that story. Could be…

Oh gawwd’ Joe! Please just stay out of it. The proverbial third time promises to be a sad ‘strike out’ not a ‘charm’!
You’ve earned time away…take it.

On the other hand…the suspense is killing us.

(*Never gets old!)

At this point, I just see Joe as Schrödinger’s Joe…always running …until you look to see.


I concur. And his insinuation that he, NOT our Secretary of State, actually speaks for the President is absurd, and undermines the Secretary’s credibility in the world (no matter who he or she is). Sounds like more of an ego trip for Biden. As someone who has always liked him, and loved him as VP, I am both disturbed and concerned that he appears to be putting his ego in front of both his party and his country. How sad.

This is why he sucks as a candidate. He has no message disicpline, and thus he gets tripped up by his own words. Has Biden ever won an election in a polity with a greater population than the state of Delaware, which does not have enough people to have more than one Congressional seat? I don’t think he has won any primaries, and his mouth is the reason.I think he would make a great president, but I just don’t think he can get elected.

Right now we have a great contest— an issues guy (Sanders) vs an experience guy (Clinton). The question is do we go with our hearts or our minds, and it is a great debate to have. (I know this is a simplification, but in overarching terms this how it looks to me.) Biden will turn this into the kind of nonsense of the moment stuff you have with the Repubs now, where every stupid (and I mean stupid as in not substantive, like did W cause 911) gets parsed and bounced around for days. For chrissakes Joe— go out with some damn dignity