Discussion: Bezos Set To Meet With Federal Prosecutors Over Hacking, Extortion Claims

I can say, unequivocally. that I don’t give a fuck about Bezos.

A Prime example of GOP ratfuckery.


But do you want to know if the Saudi’s hacked Bezos? Do you want to pass up a chance of knowing whether the Saudis are going after Bezos because of Khashoggi?


As for the litany of crimes the Saudi’s commit daily, hacking Bezos phone is pretty far down on the list.


Yes, but adds to the basis that SA is a bad actor. That they’re willing to go after someone in a foreign country with freedom of the press law as opposed to just going after someone on their soil. You can’t just let this stuff slide when they go after someone you don’t like.


This really isn’t about Bezos. It’s about the the government of Saudi Arabia and their efforts to hide their criminality and to embarrass a news organization that they feel is hostile to their interests. And, since the current resident of the White House feels the same way the Saudis do, it is especially important that this story receives maximum coverage.


I don’t think the basis of SA being a bad actor needs reinforcing anymore. It should be clear to everyone. And if hacking a phone by a foreign government make a nation a bad actor, we’re going to need a bigger boat where Trump’s phone is concerned.

This is about Jared, MBS, The National Enquirer, David Pecker and Trump.

And Khashoggi.

Bezos is just a side casualty in a massive conspiracy that should be literally unbelievable.


In exchange for admitting that it was involved in a hush money agreement involving President Trump and a former Playboy model’s alleged affair, the company agreed to not commit any more crimes for three years.

WOW… imagine that, agreeing not to break the law. Unfortunately for the rest of us we have to agree to not commit any more crimes for life


If AMI victimized Bezos, they are in violation of the immunity deal they made to protect themselves against prosecution for their role in the trump campaign violations.

Who cares about Bezos? I only care that he’s got the resources to bury trump and AMI and inflict pain on the devious Saudi royal family.


doubly resonates because they are besties with Kushner and the rest of the family who do wield power here