Discussion: Bernie Sanders' Tax Returns Shows He's Now A Millionaire

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How utterly shocking that there isn’t anything to make hay of in Bernie Sanders’ taxes.

Considering the sheer amount of energy from certain quarters spent on speculating as to what he was surely hiding, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people.

Or…or they will just start insisting that he hid something in the years before that. These things can be hard to let go of.



Now Bernie, was that so hard?


How nice that even Democrats and Independents can convert their elections into petsonal cash.


“Sanders and his wife Jane made a $2.7 million from 2016 through 2018.”

Clearly trying to bring down the whole, rotten One-Percent from within.

In related news, Sanders revealed his new campaign slogan: “Down With The Point-Zero-Zero-One Percent!”


I never thought that there would be anything other than him having earned more than he would like to have acknowledged; his statement was fine on that score and would have been perfectly acceptable at the time to lead by example. The problem that I saw was that, by not releasing his taxes early in the 2016 cycle, he gave a degree of cover to Trump.


Okay, cool. Seriously, I don’t give two shits how much Bernie or anyone else makes as long as 1) it’s done legally and 2) they’re doing their actual jobs first and foremost. People are allowed to be rich, but I do demand higher taxes on higher income brackets and it’s actually kind of selfless for Bernie to say “Tax me more!”


Was Bernie the first politician to sell a book? What’s the complaint?


I agree he should have released them much earlier. Because he didn’t, it became a was a chew toy for Republicans and Centrists trying to damage him, for 3 full years.


I agree he should have released them much earlier. Because he didn’t, it became a was a chew toy for Republicans and Centrists trying to damage him, for 3 full years.

That’s rich.


Well Bernard, it looks like you’re right, you can become a millionaire by writing books about socialism–or by giving speeches about socialism (or other topics such as Hillary did) for that matter. I guess you found out how easy it is to become a millionaire by doing the above. After all, you could have sold your books at cost or given them away for free if millions don’t really matter. And frankly, we shouldn’t have had to beg for your tax returns either.


No complaint. Just bizarre he didn’t do it at the beginning of his campaign. How hard can this be? I get the impression that the delay was a way to say “fuck you” to his detractors. Kind shows what a petty, self involved jerk he is. Yea. With me he can’t win. :slight_smile:


So you think this article is mistaken? How do you interpret “heavy incoming fire”?

“…and had taken heavy incoming fire from allies of his Democratic rivals this year for not putting out his returns.”

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I suspect Occam’s Razor would guide us here…he didn’t release them because he was embarrassed to be a an “unexpected” millionaire. That was a mistake, I think. He should have just bit the bullet and gotten it over with.


Who could have predicted this nothingburger?


So Bernie is a 1%er ($0.4-0.7M/yr). He is close to a 0.1%er (about $1.5M/yr, his slogan through much of 2016).
A bit hypocritical, but likely the article is correct, he was just embarrassed about his hypocrisy.

If he had just said “I am one of those 1%ers (or 0.5%ers) and I think it is an outrage that we do not pay more taxes” then all would have been fine.



Now let’s have everyone else who has thrown their chapeau into the ring do the same.

No candidate can hide behind Sanders now.


Trump say hi.


A second nothingburger might drop Thursday. Then…all out of nothingburgers. :grimacing:
Going to be a very tough week, calorie-wise.

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Looked at the 2017 return. Joint. Most of the income is book rev + his congressional salary. Very little info in the worksheets. No deductions taken on the business income (odd, but perhaps buried in the itemized deductions?).

Didn’t see anything on the real estate. Mortgage interest/SALT deductions (again in an itemized list perhaps but not provided).

Curious about other sources of income perhaps tied up in corps that we don’t know about, and that he did not release, and did not report any income for.