Discussion: Bernie Sanders' Revolution Isn't Carrying His Candidates Through The Midterms

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Hypocritical ideologue. Loves ‘ideas’, but hates working with anyone.


I don’t understand the assertion that Republicans are comfortably outvoting Dems in CA.


what centrists don’t want to tell you in this article progressives have won over 40 percent of our races so far and just got done winning 7 in one night a week or two ago. they are blatantly lieing in this article as did politicos piece a few weeks ago with the intent of changing the leadership of our revolution to establishment democrats. how many seats were u winning before progressives came on the scene? way i remember it you weren’t even winning 40 percent of your races you lost the senate, the house, and state houses you all wanna talk garbage. also want to try to say bernies a ideologue not picking certain candidates on purpose say that to the dccc and dnc who have been intentionally not funding progressive candidates and even pulling support from progressives they feel cant win the general elections in November. wanna talk about not being a ideologue why the hell is the head of the dnc saying the dnc will be neutral between progressive races and centrists then go out and endorse coumo breaking that promise with the base of impartiality. centrists can go to hell with their backhanded tactics in the party


Bernie’s 15 minutes are over.
Wouldn’t shed a tear for him if he got caught with some dirty money and had to go away for the rest of his days.


Yes, yes. We know. The whole world is rigged against Bernie Sanders. Cry me a river.


Pete D’Alessandro lives in my precinct and has a small, fervent, following - the hard core Bernie bros. But Pete is an organizer, not an elected-official type. I really think he looked at this run as him being more of a gadfly than a serious candidate. (I’m a delegate this year and have been pretty involved in the primaries).

I think the premise of this article is backwards: it’s not that Bernie’s candidates are losing more than they’re winning, it’s that Bernie has been backing long-shots as long as they adhere to the Bernie dogma. Again, picking gadflies over candidates with experience and broader support.


you act as if this article is telling the truth about how many we have won thus far. we have won over 40 percent of our races.and again the dccc has shown they are willing to tip the scale for centrists in local races and openly pull support from fellow democrats leading into November. this is on record so please continue to attempt to downplay that as if the dnc leaks were not real

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pantala there’s no such thing as a Bernie bro its as real as a Obama boy when Hillary ran against Obama in 2008 her supporters did the same damn thing. most Bernie supporters are not as sexist as was portrayed or racist as some would have you believe compared to trump followers or those in Hillary camp who were ageist or against Jews like in the me too movement by promoting Louis Farrakhan

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You have fun with that.


The mistake was anyone who believed he was leading a revolution in the first place.


Then you are losing 60 percent.


The article creates a bit of a caricature in the way that it points out Sanders’s strengths as a way to emphasize his weaknesses.

It is clear to say that Bernie Sanders does not wield a magic wand that will propel a candidate across the finish line. Who does today? Why would anyone even posture themselves as that kind of “kingmaker” anymore?

Candidates who win elections are those who build consensus, rather than relying on anyone –anyone at all– with fervent followers to hoist them onto their metaphorical shoulders.

Does Sanders have a role in future elections? Sure. He has a voice and a vocabulary that resonates with many voters. A singularly anointing figure is not one of those roles.


Another one that joined only a few minutes ago just to sow division and spew bullshit. “Our revolution to establishment democrats”. Gotta love all that troll talk that’ll be coming out of the woodwork, wasting their time and desperate for an audience here.

so please continue to attempt to downplay that as if the dnc leaks were not real

So much duplicity, so little time.

or those in Hillary camp who were ageist or against Jews like in the me too movement by promoting Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan!! Hillary was against Jews but for Louis Farrakhan? That’s a new one by me. I call bullshit on that stupidity. Or, I call stupidity on that bullshit. Either way.


Of course he does. He’ll be our very own “I’m so special” SPOILER.


For me, Bernie Sanders is a mixed bag of nuts. I don’t hate or dislike the man but I find some of the things he does annoying. I know I’m going to possibly bring about some harsh criticisms from Bernie Fans, but Bernie ran a piss poor campaign.

I voted for the man in our primary. I knew he didn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning, but one of the things I liked about his message was engaging and bringing in the youth to the political game. The same way another forward thinking person did, Barack Obama. Young people will be the voice that roars and the ones on the receiving end of what my generation leaves them. They should engage because the future is theirs.

But I noticed some weak points about Bernie’s campaign and realized he wasn’t ready for prime time. The mention of John Fetterman’s name is important. When Fetterman ran for the U.S. Senate nod in 2016, he ran as a follower of Bernie. Bernie paid him no attention. Now, of course that Fetterman is positioned to be our next Lt. Gov, Bernie is on the case. PA is one those rare states where the Gov and Lt Gov run separate campaigns. Gov Wolf has already reached out to Mr. Fetterman and they will be working together for the campaign.

Bernie chose his game plan and it cost him. When the election was over, I had neighbors who said they didn’t even know who he was. You don’t ignore communities that don’t look like you and expect them to pay attention to you. To my recollection there was not one HBCU that Bernie went to. If I’m wrong, please enlighten me. Not one piece of printed material came through our neighborhood. HRC had a campaign office that was about 5 mins away from my house in an easily accessible shopping area. It was positioned where any ethnic group, socio-economic group could reach it, with free parking. Not to mention plenty of printed materials that got pushed through mail slots or hung on door handles. You don’t have to rely on the DNC to supply you info that is readily available for free from the U.S. Census,

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get your message out, but when you ignore the process, you run the risk of not winning, message be damned.


The bigger the gap between the left and center left, the easier it is for others to walk right through it. Populism loses elections - so does perceived elitism. One shrinks the base, and one demoralizes it.

The big failure of the Democratic leadership these days isn’t in favoring one candidate or faction (the source of much pointless bickering). It’s their inability to focus the party on the big picture, unifying policy (health care, education, infrastructure, income inequality) - allowing the left to drift further from the center, and consequently causing the center to further resent the left.

“The language of leadership is effective communication” as they say at business conferences everywhere. It’s lacking in the Democratic Party.


“It will be Glorious Revolution after Trump defeats corrupt, DNC-supported, emailing, Wall Street speech-giving Hillary Clinton. We shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills, and we shall fight on the beach where my multi-million dollar mansion is built. We shall fight for the right of Jane Sanders to use Republican talking points against Hillary Clinton. We shall fight for the right of Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat and then drop his allegiance to the party as soon as an election is over like most people change their underwear. And I will never surrender my feeling of superiority over you Democratic scum by apologizing for helping Donald Trump get elected as POTUS and subjecting this country to the indignities I and my compatriots are supposedly fighting against!” - Susan Sarandonista


Expect to see a lot more Bernie articles as we get closer to the midterms. It will help the Republicans immensely to have Democratic infighting. and dissing each other. I have a feeling that the 2016 elections are going to be rehashed for a long time.
I never expected that TPM would play the role of a shit stirrer. At least not this early. I have said it before, the closer we get to the midterms, the more stories like this will find their way into Democratic sites. For that reason I have become less political lately. I will find it hard to to actually care enough to vote this year for the first time. When the blue wave crashes on the rocks of reality in November, I fully expect the Democratic party to shift to the right. And the infighting will go on forever. OK, now go back to fighting. The die has been cast, your future of hate and recriminations await y’all in the following years. Enjoy.


I agree with you on this point. And why in the hell would shit need to be stirred on a day with so many primary elections that will be critical for a sea-change come November?

The article is misplaced. The rehashing of 2016 does no one any service.