Discussion: Bernie Sanders Apologizes For Campaign Data Breach

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The right thing to do, done by a truly class act, and accepted by another one.

Jeebus H. Crispness, these Dems don’t know the first thing about marketing a blockbuster reality show on a shitslide down Bullshit Mountain.


Bernie looks like an old uncle of mine in that picture after a really bad day. He looks verklempt.

Having said that, I’m glad they both immediately put the issue of the breach behind them…and moved on to the issues. That was important. It was good of Hillary to not make this out to be a big thing too.


Why the hell is he apologizing? What world leader ever got anything by apologizing? He didn’t do it, he didn’t order it, when he found out who did, he fired one and as soon as he knows more he might fire more. After all, government and unions workers get some due process, and he should provide less? But apologize? Makes him look weak, and weak does not get elected. Bernie, you’re not in Burlington anymore.

“The fact that neither of us has ever called for the banning of an entire religion, or characterized everyone from an entire country as rapists and drug dealers, and the fact that neither of us has ever been endorsed by Vladimir Putin, are the big reasons why the media don’t really hang on our every word, and for all of that, and I think I can speak for Secretary Clinton here as well, we’re both truly sorry,” Sen. Sanders went on to say.


Good for Bernie. Now we can get on with the job of figuring out what DW-S and her cronies are doing behind the smokescreen.


I’m in the Hillary camp, but I refuse to throw stones at Sanders or dis his supporters. I put the blame on DWS for handling this situation badly. If SNL ever wants to bring back the “Debbie Downer” character, DWS would make an excellent choice. There is a petition to remove DWS over at MoveOn.org.
Mediaite reports they have 275,000 signatures. I went to the link and only counted 46,800+. Link: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/remove-debbie-wasserman


Raddatz I think gets her facts incorrect describing insurance rates going up in the private insurance markets somehow a direct result of Obamacare. She’s conflating those two. That’s abuse coming from those insurance companies to get obscene profits as they’ve always tried to do, not a result of implementation of the ACA. In other words those companies need to be regulated more to keep down costs to beneficiaries, not less. But guess who fights tooth and nail to prevent regulation from happening? The Republicans.


I only wish that Hillary had confronted that misappropriation of the facts. That price gouging isn’t related to the ACA…and that should have been refuted. It is pure greed by the private insurance market.


Well, he covered the bases in terms of acknowledging the wrongdoing of his staff and apologizing to Hillary, but he didn’t get around to the latter until the moderator asked him specifically whether he would. For a second there I thought he was going to leave it at “I apologize.” Because there was a brief pause there. But he went on to apologize to her and to his own supporters. Which is fine, though he probably should have apologized to her supporters too.

What I didn’t expect was that he would denounce the DNC so forcefully, referring to their actions as “egregious.” Where I thought some of the aggressive rhetoric yesterday was probably just heat of the moment stuff from an aggressive campaign manager, at this point it seems abundantly clear that Bernie himself was, and still is, genuinely pissed at the DNC.

In his response to the initial question about the data breach he did acknowledge that his staff “did the wrong thing,” but he also came out swinging against the DNC and the vendor. I didn’t expect him to do that unless one of the other candidates attacked him on the issue. What can I say – not the first time I’ve been wrong, and it damn sure won’t be the last.


I’m just glad they got off the topic because honestly, it does neither of them any good. Nor does it help the Democratic Party and all its supporters. Petulance is not something I want to continue seeing out of any candidate on our side. They can move beyond this and be grown-up about it. As for their respective supporters, that might take more time.

Oy…now we get the half-time report from Snuffleopegus and that GOP mouthpiece Karl. You’d think they were getting ready for Coldplay to come on next.


You’ve got it exactly backwards. Taking responsibility for the actions of those under your command is a sign of strong leadership, and being willing to apologize for wrongdoing in your organization even if you didn’t personally commit the offense, is a sign of true strength, not weakness. The polar opposite is Trump, whose insecurity and ego does not allow him to apologize for anything. I’ll grant you that some people mistake that for strength, but really it shows not only a lack of integrity, but also a lack of courage and confidence.


uh oh…Bernie said something to the effect, “that’s why I’m taking Marijuana out of the…(some criminal offense statute I think)” Now watch some crazy oppo-research person cut that down to “That’s why I’m taking Marijuana”.

Oy…Hillary doesn’t understand drug addiction. She said something like over-prescribed pain medication leads to heroin addiction. That’s not actually true. Now Governor what’s his name is piggy-backing on that bullshit.

Hillary does shine as a true foreign policy expert when she’s able to go into the weeds and describe what happened in Libya even though it did turn out to be a bit of a mess afterwards.


Actually I think what he said was “that’s why I took Marijuana out of the Controlled Substances Act…”

I noticed because he mistakenly stated it as if it had already been accomplished.

I had a fleeting vision of an old hippie couple out in Arkansas or something, furiously consulting their bongwater-encrusted cell phones to see if they’d somehow missed the news that the Blessed Day of the Liberation of the Sacred Herb had already come.


And May the Force Be With You. That was cute.

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She absolutely got her facts incorrect…or rather, was cherrypicking to create false narrative.

The ACA went into effect last year. So we have basically two years worth of data. Yet she is tossing out numbers based on 5 years.

That being said, I personally still feel that ACA is flawed because it’s focused on insurance, not healthcare. Single payer is the solution, and Bernie did try to make that case…though I think he didn’t do a terrific job of it.

One of the major points he tip toes around is…yes, the net of doing away with paying premiums and paying a higher tax for healthcare will result in a savings for households…but it also means the collapse of the insurance companies. That’s the big ugly that nobody wants to discuss.


That was AWESOME! She nailed that one perfectly.

As she did with the “Well, I hope all people like me”.

Overall, Hillary was on her game in a big way tonight. Partly because there were so many questions on foreign policy, but I think she really cleaned up. She came across as in-charge, collected, cool with just the right touch of personality. The “Presidential” gap just opened up even bigger.


If I recall correctly, signups for the ACA were first done in December 2013 with people supposedly able to get insurance coverage after the first of the year in 2014, depending on what plan they picked. Some States like my own in Michigan delayed Medicaid expansion. MI opened that up in April of 2014 because we have an asshole for Governor and even bigger dickwads in our legislature. So for most people, its been over a year since implementation of the ACA. But depending on how obstinate some Republican Governors have been, and who ultimately gave into Medicaid expansion, there have been differing time periods where citizens have been able to get coverage under that rubric.

December 2013 was two years ago. Not five. Which was my point…she wasn’t comparing relative data. Not because the relative data wouldn’t show a similar trend, but because it wouldn’t have been as striking.

Sensationalism at work.