Discussion: Bernie Sanders Accepts Fox News' Dem Debate Invitation

Keep on fucking that chicken Bernie.
It is illuminating for all to see.


Yeah because a Fox News debate is really going to change math.


This would be a good opportunity for HRC to be an “only the issues” debate, and pivot to the General Election. She could also use this (if necessary) to question the bogus “its rigged!” allegations of the Sanders campaign.

A good opportunity, IMO, to unite the party behind her and against Trump.


I sincerely hope that Sec. Clinton will stop pretending this is still a contest and decline.


Thank dog we’ve already sent in our ballots and marked off the space next to Clinton’s name so I don’t have to watch, nor do I want to just for the fun of it. Clinton’s already said what she has had to in order to get the nomination, and so has he. Unless we know in advance that he’ll apologize for his hoards and how they behaved in NV what’s the point.


Frankly, I’d tell that old coot and Fox News to go fuck themselves.

At this point, Hillary appearing on stage with the delusional douchebag will only elevate him. Like the guy says, you always shoot up. Never down.


I don’t know if it would unite the party but I agree maybe she should take up the offer. Sanders probably walked into a trap here and doesn’t realize it. After all, the primary is OVER and, quite frankly, if she can pull some conservatives of the sidelines to vote for her, so be it. She might be able to persuade some amount of the right wing to vote for her so, yeah, cool beans.


Trump: I will moderate the debate via proxy. Fox will do the bidding for me.

Sanders might turn out to be worse than Trump for Dems. One has to wonder if he is on Trump’s payroll.


I sincerely hope you’re right, and I like your thinking, but I see nothing that gives me any indication that’s the case. It sounds like yet another opportunity for Sanders to flog the hell out of her and now he’ll use Fox News, the perfect forum, to do it. A debate aimed at bringing unity would be one on MSNBC with moderators who don’t have the exact same goal as Sanders, to destroy Clinton.


Who knew that between Cruz and Bernie, Cruz was the sane one.


Well, I for one, am looking forward to it. I think this just may be the debate to help me decide whom to support.


Agreed but at THIS debate, if she goes, she’s gotta aim her guns at him with everything she’s got. I mean, throw the sink at him and let the audience see what a delusional, Socialist maniac she’s up against.


Jeez Bern is auditioning for his new job on Fox News as the Newest Iteration of Angry White Guy Pat Caddell. One of these guys is really enough, but I haven’t seen Caddell in a while so I guess Fox needs someone new.


See, I think that’s the one thing she can’t do (the one thing I wish like hell she could do over and over again!) because it would further entrench Sanders’ fans, further convince them he’s been mistreated and tricked or something, and further divide the party. As much as I long to see what you describe, I just think it would have the very opposite effect of what we’d be hoping for.


He doesn’t have the money to advertise in CA so he wants it for free.


I hope she says no. Anything “Bernie” and “Fox” related at this point is just a tag-team dog & pony show designed to screw her over.

If it were Trump and Hillary, fine. But with Bernie, a loser who has no chance at winning and is at this point just grasping at air? Nope!


Unless you are being sarcastic, Bernie cant win. He is mathematically out. It’s between HIllary and the rich con man.


At this point, and with everything that seems to be happening with the Sanders campaign right now, please tell me what the good might be in Clinton doing this?

I fail to see any upside for Clinton coming from this. Only downside both for her and the Democrats chances of winning in November. I’m deeply suspicious of Fox’s motives aside from generating plenty of add revenue from this bad theatre.

The next debates should be between the nominees of the two party’s after their respective conventions.

Am I wrong?


I disagree. Sanders in the destructive phase of his ego trip. Witness the Nevada Convention, and his ridiculous response to it. Witness his California rally, where he’s still going at it like the Democrats are the enemy.

A national platform for him to be this destructive is absolutely not in anyone’s best interest. Except for Fox’s and the GOP’s that is.

And this is FOX NEWS. This stinks to high heaven of Fox doing their usual crap to screw over Dems.