Discussion: Benghazi Committee Dems Go To Bat For Clinton Ahead Of Thursday Testimony

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The House Select Committee on Benghazi’s Democratic staff released a
124-page report that argued the more than 50 interviews and depositions
given to the panel provided no evidence to support some claims put
forward by Republicans about Clinton’s response to the attacks on the
U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya.

Just because there is no evidence does not mean there is no conspiracy! The lack of evidence in evidence in itself of a cover-up! We don’t need less investigations, we need more, and if THOSE don’t turn up evidence, we’ll just keep digging until we get to that dark greasy charcoal nugget of truth so we can set it alight for all America to see!!!1!!


It’s like the Dems are getting bolder. I wonder why?

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The whole GOP Benghazi strategy in a political cartoon:


( I can’t get it to display)


Reading that report from Rep Elijah Cummings brings to mind something Hillary said a couple of DECADES ago . . . Something about a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. And now it’s being funded by . . . Us! Imagine that.

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Maybe Thursday isn’t necessary now. If I were Trey I would drop it now and tell everyone that the matter is closed.

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According to Trey Gowdy, it is not about Hillary Clinton. It is about her email server.

Wait, not that either. It is about whether she used T-mobile or Verizon. That is the key point of the Benghazi hearings! Let’s get to the truth, America!

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Yes, “assuring Hilliary Clinton never becomes President.” Proceed. That strategy worked so well with PBO.


No evidence is only further evidence how far this goes!

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Well, chatterboxing, I don’t know about that.

(Does that mean I am in on it?)

Just stop it Dems. Just stop it. Why are you dwelling on actual “evidence” when these have been the worst several weeks of poorTrey Gowdy’s life?? Just give him a blankie, a nice rubber toy, and let him indulge his fantasies.

“Let’s get to the truth… but not too soon before the election.”

Gowdy will have to go big on Hillary’s time before the board, which means that he has to at least show up for starters then nail her with some hard hitting questions like, why did you try to cover up your cover up, hmmmm?

Face it, the cat is out of the bag and Gowdy and his sidekicks are just raking in the side cash from being on a ‘special’ committee and don’t want that to end because they bought furniture on revolving payments that last until Nov '16. Another coincidence like the fact that this whole deal is about the next President of the US and is happening for the entire duration of the campaign. Very coincidental in fact.