Discussion: Ben Stein: NYT Snubbed 'Civil Rights Leader' George W. Bush In Selma

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Yes, who can forget civil rights leader Dubya’s 2004 Gays Will Homo Marry Puppies and Destroy Civilization Campaign, his first presidential victory? Yup, freedom had to be Heimlich maneuvered out of that one…


And so this becomes the loud outrage festival instead of anyone in the MSM reporting that one of the original organizers of the Selma march wanted nothing to do with this event precisely because Dubya was attending.


Golly Ben, I’m so sorry W didn’t make the picture. Here’s a solution, next time send more than one Republican. That way the liberal media won’t be able to crop any of you racist assholes out of the photo.


Ben Stein is a no-substance fool who has opted to spend his entire life simply being a gadfly.


I once saw Ben Stein give a keynote address before the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce back in early 2005 (long story on how I ended up at that particular event…) Stein opened the speech by saying, “How wonderful is it to have our boy in the White House?” Throughout the speech he referred to Bush not as a President (or as a “civil rights leaders”) but as “our boy in the Whtie House.” Then Stein used up most of his time onstage showing an extended clip from Rocky IV that was meant to demonstrate American exceptionalism and the wonders of the free market, or something. It was… barely competent. Hooray for leadership and conservative work ethic!


I guess, I’d take offense if it wasn’t for the fact that Bennie has been irrelevant since Bueller.


Even if we judge this statement using the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations,’ it’s still pretty lame.


I guess it makes some kind of GOPer sense. The congressional contingent all stayed away, so they expect the former, and always fuckup who they sent, to be the center of attention.

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Lucky for him. He was probably wiping his hands on someones shirt.

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If Stein keeps up this level of moronic stupidity he could find himself in the Senate…


What civil rights movement was George W. Bush ever a part of?

This fuckstick’s 15 mins. ran out long ago (along with his insipid MTV game show and cult bit part in Farris Bueller’s Day Off ).

The sooner this clown leaves the public stage (or mortal plane) the better.


Nah, that would mean Stein would have to leave the comforts and glitz of California behind and at least pretend to live in a trashy red state that would actually send him to the Senate.

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You have his alliteration wrong.
“Professional Asshole and former thinking person Ben Stein:”
There, fixed it for you.

Who can forget the courageous stand of the Brooks Brother Brigade?


What was the name of that Bush family vacation ranch…?

Shouldn’t the sell-by date have expired for someone whose main claim to fame was repeating, “Bueller, Bueller?” in a monotone?


Bush was in the sun and looked very washed out, the folks who are shown were in the shade.
That’s the whole story.:
“Bush was in the bright sunlight,” he explained. “I did not even send
this frame because it’s very wide and super busy and Bush is
super-overexposed because he was in the sun and Obama and the others are
in the shade.”

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W and his wife sat next to Michelle on the stage during some of the speeches. There are pictures of W and Michelle talking, smiling, being nice. Ben Stein is a professional asshole and has played one on TV and in the movies for many years. Of course he says something like that about the NY Times on Faux Noise, what else can he say?

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Well played sir, well played.

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