Discussion: Ben Carson: We Have 'Tendency To Inject Race Into Everything' (VIDEO)

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Shut up, you cheap narcissistic grifter.


Elephant, what elephant?


Spoken like a privileged repub.


Everything except your campaign, apparently.

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“There is no question that we need to be looking at those sorts of things, but we also have a tendency to inject race into everything anytime that there are people of different races involved in a conflict.”

"Well, everybody knows that Chinese have physical characteristics that would make them pretty easy to identify in a setting like that."
No, really?

Cops have killed over 1,100 people this year alone. If they kill 3 more people just this month, they will have killed more Americans in one MONTH than every foreign inspired terrorist attack since 9/11…including San Bernadino and Fort Hood.

So while there may be bad lawyers, teachers and journalist (funny list he picked…all pretty much GOP boogeymen…though he did toss in doctors too), they don’t shoot and kill Americans at anywhere near the same level…

And no, Ben, having journalists pointing out that your “Chinese in Syria” comment was completely off the wall, isn’t the same thing as being shot down dead in cold blood. No belt buckle magically saves you from that.


“But they made it seem like I’m saying there are a bunch of Chinese boots on the ground,” Carson continued. “Well, everybody knows that Chinese have physical characteristics that would make them pretty easy to identify in a setting like that.”


We Have ‘Tendency To Inject Race Into Everything’

Who does he mean by “we”?


Does the racism directed at President Obama by the right wing count as interjecting race into everything?


A shooting at a North Carolina mall sent shoppers fleeing into stores, some locking themselves inside, on Christmas Eve, but police say the incident was sparked by a long-running feud and was not a random act of violence.

The incident ended when an off-duty officer fatally shot a teenager — Daquan Antonio Westbrook — who pointed a gun in his direction at Northlake Mall in Charlotte on Thursday afternoon, police said.
During the fight, a weapon was brandished and shots were fired around 2 p.m., Putney said. Witnesses described a chaotic scene.
WSOC-TV reported that Westbrook was an aspiring rapper who performed under the name “Donkey Cartel.” In the Charlotte area, he was apparently well-known in the rap community.
A recent collection of songs by Westbrook was released under the title “Convicted Felon with a Weapon.”
Arrest records show that Westbrook was sentenced to 24 months parole in October of 2013 after pleading guilty to possession of stolen goods. He was charged in July 2014 with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, injury to personal property and discharging a weapon on occupied property stemming. The disposition of those charges was not immediately known.

Sometimes police do the judicial system a favor in disposing of certain people that have forfeited their right to live with others in a society aspiring to live within the rule of law. To wit, we're all better off with the demise of Mr. Westbrook.

If “we” have a tendency to inject race into everything, then doesn’t that suggest that race may have been injected into the police officers’ decision making?


“emphasize respect” means different things if you are a white cop or a black person walking down the street.


In-other-words: Republicans are sick-and tired of being called on their racism. My winger friends usually take it a step further and condemn this liberal racism against whites.


…mumbles the guy uncomfortable in his own skin who is in a race to be POTUS.



Do you also have friends that harass women seeking abortions? Friends that favor denying blacks a mortgage? Who has winger friends other than another winger?

"But we don’t condemn the whole class for that.”

Aside from that I don’t think all police are being condemned either. But the reverse is true where the PBA and others condemn folks like Obama who don’t support the police 100% of the time, right or wrong (because they’re never wrong).


We? Was he referring to his white counterparts or just his personal prejudices against Hispanic, Jews and Muslims?

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He is right, we look to see if race is involved in every question. Is it is involved we call it what it is…racism. if not, then we call it what it is. Greed, hate etc.

“Mental Ben”