Discussion: Ben Carson To Residents Of Baltimore: 'Take Control' Of Your Children

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Enter stage right token conservative to deflect riot cause from police brutality to parents. Cue harmonic sigh from FUX News.


How about you stop apologizing for people who murder an unarmed and “innocent until proven guilty” man and start demanding that the police be held accountable.


Oh, golly! Well, it looks like dipshit commentary on a tragic situation from every self-righteous, moralizing, clueless, charlatan, Republican has-been and never-will-be will not be in short supply for a while.

P.S. Then again, is it ever?

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Me to Ben Carson: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!


Look at Me, Look At Me, I’m Dr Ben. Asswipe.

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Black dude tries very very hard not to get the black vote. Story at 11.

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I think back to Herman Cain in the last go-round and how he must laugh when he chats with his banker now. The cash prizes for possible presidential performances have gone up an order of magnitude or two this time. Carson knows what he is doing.


Gosh, how inspiring.
You can imagine how effective he’d be as President.

unfortunate to see the destruction taking place by irresponsible individuals

Yes, Baltimore you destruction pikers, serious psyop mayhem and destruction is best left to professionals like Dr. Ben…

…Yeh…he’s looking to start a DoctorBen show on FauxNews.

…but the cops who killed Mr Gray are ‘responsible’ adults…

Yeh…as if they’ll ever take responsibility for their brutality.

Newsflash to Dr. Carson:

Notwithstanding all of your efforts…

When you awaken tomorrow, you will still be a. black. person.

OK, I’ll be the contrarian.

What did Ben Carson say here that differs from what Al Sharpton said in another TPM-reported story? If what they said is similar, why are the respective TPM comment threads so sharply different in tone and content?

We react here with as much venomous prejudice toward the messenger as those “others” whom we scorn for their opinions. Pavlovian drooling is not breed specific.