Discussion: Ben Carson To Go On Vacation After Iowa Caucus

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Voter however say otherwise.

You mean, when he wakes up?
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He’s not going on vacation, but he is taking leave of his senses.

He’s going to Giza to try the buffet at the Great Pyramid.

Gawd damn, the GOP idiots are freaking married to this silly phrase, aren’t they? It’s like code for “asshole”, I guess.

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Ummmmm, dude’s been on vacation for a while if you know what I’m sayin;. Cuckoo-Cuckoo-Cuckoo.

There’s a difference between:

A – a break from work … and

B – a break from reality —

Ben there, done that.

Sadly, outside of Trump, Cruz and Rubio, Carson is the only thing remotely close to a viable candidate based on these numbers.

I have a Liberty Baptist college friend who is crowing on FB that Cruz is taking Iowa. I haven’t the heart to tell him that a two point margin isn’t exactly steamrolling, beside the fact that Iowa hasn’t chosen the actual general candidate in something like four Presidential election cycles.

H&ll, last time, they chose Bachmann…


C - a psychotic break

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