Discussion: Ben Carson Has Formed A Presidential Exploratory Committee

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This changes everything.


It’s inoperable, Ben, but you will bull ahead anyway.


formation of a presidential exploratory committee

I think it can be treated with a change in diet and statins before anyone starts cutting.

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Beats working.

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All aboard the Clown Car…
They have 1 -1/2 YEARS before the election and already the loonies are coming out of the woodwork to burnish their “I hate more people than YOU DO!” credentials (and lap up some fundraising money from the rubes and billionaires.)
They just can’t help themselves.
Ben Carson/Sarah Palin 2016. A Winning Ticket! (for Democrats)

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Ben Carson Has Formed A Presidential Exploratory Committee

Just when I was beginning to think that there’s not nearly enough ennui in the world.


Ridiculous person. Recently saw an interview with him on the BBC. Interviewer could hardly hide her disdain for the gibberish emanating from his oral cavity.


That’s good because he will be subject to FEC campaign finance election laws. Him being a little smoother and smarter than Herman Cain will cause more harm to the other candidates. Romney and the gang eventually made fun of Herman Cain. Don’t think they can brush aside Carson quite as easily.

Oh goody! One more clown for the car.

The jokes write themselves.

When asked why, Ben Carson had this to say: “Because it’s GREAT for book sales and the speech circuit! Have you seen how far Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and the rest of those clowns have been able to milk this cow? It’s like liquid gold!”

Immediately after issuing this statement, Ben Carson was seen eyeing a new Bentley, visiting some new beachfront property in the Hamptons that’s for sale, and consulting with the Romneys about the pros/cons of car elevators and the tax benefits of dancing horses.

Good thing the SPLC downgraded him from Homophobic Extremist to GOP Presidential Candidate.

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