Discussion: Ben Carson: Debate Questions On Foreign Policy Are A 'Slam Dunk'

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Doesn’t Carson know that the term “Slam Dunk” in modern parlance as it relates to foreign affairs has come to mean a massive boondoggle and royal fuck-up?? Only Carson wouldn’t know this apparently.


The answers are so easy. Who knew? Guess we’re not playing three or four dimensional chess here.

The “basket” in play…


Foreign policy is not really hard if you hate all foreigners and believe wars solve all modern problems.


You can get the Medal of Freedom for executing a Slam Dunk in certain circles


These clowns are playing checkers to Obama’s and Hillary’s chess. “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.” H.L. Mencken


Paging Ex-CIA Chief George Tenet. Paging Ex-CIA Chief George Tenet.
Carson has a few questions to ask of you…

Oh well. Apparently he’s left the building and hasn’t been seen since he tendered his shame-filled resignation. Worn-out welcomes have a way of doing that, you know.


SlamDump… beware the storm surge when it hits the TeaPotty.

Cason: They will be a slam dunk because we just need to deport anyone I disagree with and ban all religions except my version of Christianity, especially the terrorists religions.

He’s at Georgetown, professor of Diplomacy or something. Loser. No accountability. Total no class individual.

I’m going to guess that Ben Carson, at this point in time, can’t actually slam dunk a basketball on a regulation hoop, so yes, an apt analogy.

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Carson must have been reading while on the campaign trail.


By “slam dunk” he means he will get more names on his email scam list, just like Huckabee.

So a slam drunk means he is reverting to the Republican mantras of: be afraid, be very afraid, bomb, invade, occupy.

Carson could just revert to the Ted Cruz model of foreign policy:


Brainiac Ben Carson…knows how the physical connections in the brain attach themselves, how chemical reactions and transport systems from neurotransmitters travel and how hormones work. He has the expertise to explain, realign and/or reconnect, and surgically manipulate many of those amazing functions within the brain…but he sure doesn’t have the foggiest notion about what makes perception a reality, or fantasy for that matter, which manifests itself deep within the workings of those highly developed upper brain functions. Too bad really. He’s still really just an idiot savant with absolutely no insight into human behavior, including his own.

Yeah, I was gonna say: “Q: what do we do about Syria” “A: Bomb it”. “Q: what do we do about Iran?” “A: Bomb it”. “Q: What do we do about Russia?” “A: bomb it”. “Q: What do we do about Cuba?” “A: Bomb it”.

But Benny slammed his head on the toilet seat and got dunked, so now he knows everything.

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Seriously, there is something wrong with this man. He has an ego even greater than Trump’s. Has he no handlers to stop this trash talk? I’m reminded of his overly-simplistic response in an interview with CBN’s David Brody (I know - consider the source). Brody asked him about the economy and Carson said that was an easy fix, shouldn’t take more than a week! Seriously, what is with this unreality in perceiving and analyzing complicated issues, not to mention formulating policy responses?

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