Discussion: Befuddled Donald Sterling: 'What New Recording?'

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I almost feel sorry for the old geezer.


Even with all the money in the world, I really can’t see anyone but Palin taking him up on the offer.

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Now that’s a hook-up line I never tried! Does it work?

Sterling “let out a ‘huge dramatic sigh’”. He remembers saying it and to whom (unless he said it more than once trolling for support on his self-pity tour).

He may not have said it during an “interview”, as he and probably most of us regard one. But he was recorded saying it.

I don’t know how he went wrong with pickup lines like that,

Money can’t buy happiness

Can someone please tell this buffoon that his house is bugged.

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In two separate interviews, he claimed not to have given even one interview.

Let me try that:

I did not write this comment. In fact, I did not even comment about not writing this comment. Furthermore, I am not commenting now.

Is it working?


Haha, don’t be silly. Of course his house isn’t bugged. You think he wants to give an interview where he has to get on his knees and apologize and claim he’s not a racist?

This is a carefully calculated leak, and it was done because I believe it’s the only possibly PR move that the guy can make.

I don’t believe his statement for a minute, and I think you should at least question it too.

He wasn’t asked if he’d given any interviews, so I think that’s kind of a telling slip.

I am betting that this leak was conducted on his behalf as a PR move to make giving an interview unnecessary and give him an open forum to explain himself without sounding smarmy and disingenuous.

He can give the same argument to some friend on the phone and sound much, much more authentic.

Plus he can afford the best PR people in the country if he wants. This is something the best PR people would do. It’s great damage control and he has plausible deniability.

“Befuddled” my ass.