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One more time my “Democratic Friends”…get off your sorry lazy asses and fucking vote. Had 300 more of you lazy fucks voted in Florida in 2000…just 300 of you worthless assholes…you have NONE of this. You have NO Roberts, NO Alito on the Court. If that doesn’t motivate you to fucking vote than fuck you all and ENJOY!!!

The Affordable Care Act dropped millions of paying customers into the laps of the insurance companies. Why on Earth are they standing idly by while Republicans try to kill their cash cow?

“GOP Not Interested in Simple Fix to Obamacare” is not exactly a shocking headline.

How could the Supreme Court find that POTUS acted illegally when the House and the Senate passed the bill?

The GOP is not interested in a simple fix to SSI/SSD either. They say they “love America”, but they act to impoverish, afflict and kill Americans prematurely: homegrown American terrorism.


They don’t believe the Court will overturn the subsidies. The investors who buy and hold their shares don’t either, because prices have gone up, up, up since the ACA and are not falling at all.

They also may believe that were the Court to rule against them, the President, despite protestations to the contrary, is not without things he can do. And he is not.

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They aren’t.

You can cuss at them over and over again, as if you’ve done, you can yell at them, you can tell them you’ll disown them (if they’re in your family), you can tell them they won’t work for you, but the cynic in me and the long time voter I am believes nothing will change. They cannot be reached. All the common sense arguments that most people agree on as to why people should vote are lost on them.

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Thanks for posting that. I know I’d read that insurance companies were not sitting idly by but couldn’t track it down. In the same vein, there is also this from MoJo about the plaintiffs in the subsides case, and they’re the four stupidest people on the planet. One said Obama got his Muslim people to vote for him. Groan.

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Wall Street also did not have misgivings in 2011 when the new Republican House majority started questioning the need to raise the debt ceiling. They all thought it was just empty grandstanding and political theater, after which a clean bill would be passed.

Until we came within hours of default, suffered the first credit downgrade in our nation’s history, and had an economy-smothering and recovery-hampering sequester imposed on us.

Hopefully, the insurance sector that is facing the loss of millions of paying customers, and the embattled hospitals in Red states that are dealing with rising costs of uncompensated care after their state legislators refused to expand Medicaid, are more proactive in pressuring their lawmakers and Congress members on the need for these life-saving programs.

EDIT: Oops, this was meant as a reply to Radical Centrist

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But a clean bill was passed and the credit downgrade was rather meaningless, as interest rates have gone down since then.

Anyway, there would be plenty the President could do. For one, he could declare the exchange for each state that uses the federal web site (and each state has its own exchange) to be now run by the respective state, forwarding them the software and enrollment lists. Let the various governors stew over taking insurance away from voters in their state vs simply taking over the site that they wouldn’t have to spend a penny to develop.

But we got stuck with the sequester that has hampered the recovery.

Look, I appreciate your optimism, but the president has said he has no Plan B in the event of an adverse SS ruling.

However, like you, I live in hope.

That is a wise thing to say, in order to put pressure on Judge Roberts. I don’t think he would feel bound by that remark in the event of an unfavorable ruling.

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So, a little nth-dimentional chess?

Nothing that fancy. More like a poker game with Kenny Rogers.

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