Discussion: Barr Will Address Contact Between DOJ, WH About Mueller Report At Presser

Maybe they can have Loretta Lynch come in and testify as well as to her contact with Bill Clinton at the airport while the email investigation went on and on.


And why would/should anyone believe him?


I was wrong. Trump is not the greatest liar ever to work in this government.


And how does executive privilege work when it’s used to shield the potential criminal? Is it a Get Out of Jail (or Avoid Impeachment) card that trumps everything else? And who decides if the privilege applies? Barr the lapdog? Gee, I feel really confident about the completeness of what Barr will release now.



Damn skippy Traitor Barr will address this.

And may he also address being impeached, removed from office, prosecuted, and imprisoned for his complicity in selling out of the U.S. of A.


hopefully somebody will ask Barr if he feels an AG can be waterboarded in order to extract information necessary to the survival of our republic.


Well said.

We’ll get the Full Mueller Report. This is just the used car salesman running a video outlining how great the lemon he’s going to sell the mark is.

That’s it.

If we continue to insist that Barr is lying and that narrative takes hold, then what Barr is now doing will hurt Trump vastly more than if Barr had kept out of this entire process. The problem with most folks (including Yours Truly) is that we want results NOW.

The fact that Mueller is not part of this “press conference” speaks volumes (in a good way).

We MUST NOT succumb to the Democratic compulsion to hand-wring, throw up hands, figure ever more clever and witty ways to say “we’re doomed” and INSIST that (a) Barr is selling a false bill of goods and (b) he is subverting the will of Congress.


“Ok, Ok… before you read the report I got to explain a few things…”

Like his weasel worded BS summary… this press conference will re-define collusion and obstruction from their plain meaning to a stretched bastardized version of those words so he can claim trump is not guilty if these made up definitions.


It will also hurt Barr vastly more than if Barr had kept out of this entire process.


Outside of the Trump Base, the name “Barr” will plummet to the depths of the Quislings and the Lord Haw Haws.

I would even dare say that ALL of the wrongdoing that we gave Barr a (historical) pass on before (Poppy Bush wrongdoing and obstruction, etc.) will see the light of day. There will be at least 100 academic books written with Barr as a theme…within the next decade.

Just the academic ones.

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I already see how today is going to play out on cable news. FOX is FOX. CNN is going to ride the “Something Here For Both Sides” pony all day and all night. No point in watching any of it. MSNBC will be marginally better until 4:00 PM. The really watchable stuff then starts with Nicolle Wallace. No Chuck Todd, obviously. I’m skipping Chis Matthews, too.

If you have Sirius/XM, listen to Michelangelo Signorile. He’s having Marcy Wheeler on.