Discussion: Barr: Trump Did Not Assert Executive Privilege To Redact Info From Report

Why would he bother? Barr’s doing it for him.


Translation: You’re all damned lucky you got to see anything at all, quit your bitching.

Trump did not need to assert executive privilege to have parts redacted. Barr did it on his own.


Just release the entire thing, no one trust your lying ass.


He didn’t HAVE to assert privilege…that’s what he hired you for. Honest to God. If I get 'splained to one more time my head is gonna explode. RELEASE THE REPORT.


I have no faith in what Barr says is true. Unless Congress or a judge reviews the original report, I have to go with my priors that Barr is a bad faith actor who inappropriately redacted information in the report.


Nice way to spin the fact that they gave the WH a advance peek of the undredacted form of the report.


This basic conundrum colors everything they say about the report: if Trump was not the target of the investigation and was fully exonerated by the report, why do his lawyers get first look at the report, and how did he avoid being deposed as Clinton was? They are embracing two contradictory positions in virtually every statement — if it exonerates him it is reliable, but if it was a hoax it is not.


perhaps he didn’t exert executive privelege (yet), but he is relying heavily on the legal principle of IOKIYAR.

Why would Trump need to exert Executive Privilege when Barr is so eager and willing to redact anything Trumps wants at his merest request?

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Look at it this way. Barr might have gone over the Mueller report with Trump and his team prior to releasing it. Fine. But at least he didn’t pay a social visit to Melania on a plane, while waiting on a tarmac. THAT would have been a serious reason for suspicion.

President Trump did not assert his executive privilege to get any information redacted in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report…

Um, because he had the White House Counsel assert it for him?