Discussion: Bannon Was Reportedly Set To Leave White House Amicably Until Last Week

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bull(shitter) has left the shop!
Too bad the other one’s still there


Yeah, Trump’s attitude will really improve now.

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I feel so much better. Now Trump can pivot and start acting Presidential.


This all reminds me of a girl with whom I grew up. When Cindy got in trouble, her mother always blamed the friend she was with at the time she engaged in whatever mischief, and her mother would then forbid her from hanging out with that person. One girl after another was banned from being friends with Cindy. I got the heave ho when we blew curfew one evening. By high school graduation, she had been through three different high schools in her mother’s attempt to rid her of these negative influences. The last time I saw Cindy was probably 20 years ago in our early 20s. She was stripping and prostituting down in NOLA and had developed a nasty heroin addiction. She was an absolute mess. All the girls who’d been banned from being friends with her had by and large gone on to mostly productive lives. Cindy’s mom never figured out, at least not until it was too late, that Cindy was the problem.

That’s exactly what we have here. You can take away Bannon, Gorka, Miller, Sessions, etc., and it won’t make a damn bit of difference. PP himself gave that press conference with his own words and his own beliefs. Nothing he said appeared to be parroted from someone else. This is who he is.


citing unnamed White House aides and associates to Trump and Bannon.

Good to see that Kelly has been so effective at plugging the leaks.


Speaking of attitudes improving (or not), this was a pretty stunning assertion that was covered by WaPo’s The Daily 202 today, which addressed “the elites” fighting back against Trump.

Steven Pearlstein, a Washington Post business writer, believes that last week’s resignations from the advisory councils are “likely to be looked back upon as a turning point in the evolution of American capitalism — an acknowledgment from some of the nation’s top corporate executives that the single-minded focus on maximizing profits and share prices that has been their mantra for the past three decades is no longer politically viable or morally acceptable.”

“It is unlikely that any of smiling executives who posed for photographs with the president this spring at the first meeting of the White House Strategic and Policy Forum and the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative had been enthusiastic supporters of candidate Trump,” Pearlstein wrote in Sunday’s paper. “Publicly, most had opposed the president’s positions on immigration, trade, climate change and gay rights. Privately, many thought him unsuited for the job. Nonetheless, the president’s economic advisers had convinced the executives that they would be able to help shape the administration’s economic program. And the executives were eager to lend their support and legitimacy to administration efforts to boost their profits by lowering taxes and reducing regulation. …

“Now, after decades of preaching that what was good for General Motors is good for America, corporate leaders have acknowledged that it might actually be the other way around — that what’s good for America is good for General Motors,” he concludes. “However belated the conversion, their action this past week was courageous and impactful. We owe them our gratitude.”

Would be pretty to think so, wouldn’t it? Having a country in a state of infighting and uncertainty is hardly good for the bottom line. But has corporate America and Wall Street really coming around to this conclusion?

Actually, this whole analysis is a good read.



What I find fascinating about the latest Bannon pieces is that it reveals him to be as more of a bit player on the inside. When I was mostly at Dkos last year, I had wondered what Bannon actually did during the campaign. I thought Conway was more of a driver of it than him. I had assumed he ran the digital operation, but it turns out that Jared did that. JK is the one under scrutiny for trafficking in stolen data by Russians and re-purposing it for the campaign. Bannon is not.

I actually don’t think Bannon did much during the campaign. His biggest contribution was selling the Clinton Cash concept to NYT/WAPO which set the table for the MSM’s criminally awful media coverage of her. The fact that Trump legitimized him probably gave the MSM more license to go after HRC. The only other thing he might get credit for is directing Trump to go hard after HRC in debate #2, but even that seems a stretch, as that kind of darkness and aggressiveness when cornered is simply part of Trump’s character. Bannon took an outsized amount of credit for the election win b/c he publicly embraced racism more than anyone else on the campaign (other than Trump) and gave it some veneer of acceptability through economic nationalism. It had the media fooled for a long time. The truth is, Bannon himself was fooled because outside of finding ways to punk Mexicans, Trump didn’t make that agenda his agenda. Trump came in and immediately started grifting, tried to find ways to cover up the Russia investigation, and followed the Congressional GOP agenda for show.

I think he’s a guy with some ideas that have a surface level of coherence which Trump allowed to attribute to him. But basically, Bannon was a useful guy for Trump to figure out how to keep racists aligned with him. That’s why Trump kept him around. Once he started fighting with Kushner and self-promoted, his stock went down fast.

Now, Bannon wants revenge. I suspect that he has been doing his own investigation into Kushner’s activities on the Russia thing and plans to pen a Clinton Cash style book pinning the whole thing on Javanka while some how sparing Trump (an impossibility). But Bannon is also telling Priebus to testify to Mueller (he probably already has) about Javanka’s role in obstructing justice. Miller was also involved I hear, which means that Miller might get kicked out by Kelly sooner rather than later.


I hate platitudes but Bannon is “over rated”. He’s gone because he was a liability. He survived his stint only because there was no one there wiling to tell Trump the truth about him. Everybody knew that Gen. Kelly was not of that mold and Bannon was on borrowed time the minute Kelly took over. Bannon is back to what he does best. Ranting to the losers that think his website’s a big deal.

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And everyone thought Ringling Brothers folded. They just re-branded and relocated to the Oval Trailer…

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Didn’t President Obama say that the presidency doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are? (Which is not to say that many of us needed that particular revelation to know who The Orange Shitgibbon is.)

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My best recollection is that was said by Michelle Obama.


Is the implication, that he didn’t leave ‘Amicably’ ?

When Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations, he wrote that the free enterprise system benefitted the consumers, not business. Business would benefit of they benefits the consumers.
Maybe we’re returning to that.

I hope so! It makes sense that if there is a consumer base that’s more well-off financially, business would benefit, too. The selfish, greedy attitudes of business and corporate America is making the pie smaller for everyone.

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The only thing that will get you fired from this White House is doing something that annoys First Lady Ivank Trump.

Trump told us who he was during the election when he re-tweeted white supremacists 75 times without a single backtrack or apology.

He absolutely, I’ve seen no reasonable argument to counter this, supports white supremacists - regardless of his beliefs.

The only thing surprising to me on Trump’s comments about the Nazi’s and White Supremacists in Charlottesville is that he didn’t think it would cause massive outrage. Like, he had gotten away with everything else… why would this time be different?

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