Discussion: Bannon: It Was A Mistake For Trump To Fire Comey As FBI Director

Hmmmm…“mistake” depends upon your point of view… From my perspective Donnie’s firing Comey was the best thing that could have happened, because we now have Mueller on the scent.

Besides, there’s nothing to guarantee that we wouldn’t have gotten to special counsel even if Comey had stayed. But it sure did sharpen and focus the hunt.

(Also: why are we still giving headlines to this filthy windbag ??)


Even the riddled mind of this alcoholic racist knows this. Lucky for us, the Orange man still doesn’t.
In Trump’s eyes, Prince Jared will forever pay for instigating this firing while parts of America will forever be grateful to him.


Steve Bannon is right (all the mirrors in the house just broke at once), this was probably the biggest unforced error made by a President in a long time. It’s baffling that it took a man with no soul to point this out.


Bannon replied that it’s the biggest mistake in “modern political history.”

No, you degenerate revanchist, the biggest mistake in “modern political history” is this:

Nominee          Donald Trump      Hillary Clinton
Party                Republican           Democratic
Home state      New York              New York
Running mate  Mike Pence          Tim Kaine
Electoral vote   304                       227

The biggest mistake in modern political history was made by the electoral college.


By Bannon’s model of how things work in D.C., is the presidency also an institution that has an institutional logic of how it will proceed and what it’s going to do, and that one individual cannot significantly change that? Let’s hope so, no matter how much Bannon and Trump might have wanted to change that. We need to hit the re-set button soon.

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I agree! On the other hand, I appreciate someone else taking the Deplorable Watch so that I didn’t have to watch him. I could so something more constructive, like watching an episode from a tv series I’ve already seen several times. It could have been almost anything. For me, the bar is pretty low on being better than listening to him.


If firing Comey was the biggest mistake “in modern political history” because it resulted in Mueller being appointed, Bannon must be aware of some huuummm-dingers! in Trump’s background that are going to come to light as a result.


He also pointed out that if Trump had put his tongue on the third rail of the subway that would have been a mistake too, but they had to cut it because the interview ran long. Can you believe this genius mastermind handsome devil is unmarried and out of a job?


This is the kind of brilliant analysis that made Trump such a resounding political success while Bannon was in the West Wing.


Sadly, he’s not out of a job. He’s been re-hired by Breitbart, the English language reincarnation of the Volkischer Beobachter.


OK, respectable job.


Then why did you advise him to do it, Nazi? Trump couldn’t pull off Hitler even if he hired Assad as a drama coach.

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Because Bannon is still very much a part of Trump’s administration strategy wise. Resigning was publicity stunt for appearance only. Now he is free to be Bannon without having his odiousness rub off on the White House. He is still very loyal to Trump and can now be more effective with his influence without any White House shackles concerning propriety. I think Bannon receives publicity because Trump wants him to get publicity. I have no doubt Trump still values Bannon’s opinions over Kelly’s. Kelly was probably hired only because Bannon wanted him there. If there was one person directly responsible for Trump’s election victory other than Putin, it was Bannon. Trump rewards loyalty with his loyalty in return. Instead of Bannon being out of a job, I think of him being freed from being tethered to one spot and now more like a independent field manager and troubleshooter.


Ah Steverino Trump has only been office less than year, give him some time boyo to get to the bigger better destruction of our political norms and values. Cut him (Trump) some slack boyo the man is old.

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Bannon states the obvious

I think this was a shot at Jared who it is said was the big instigator for the firing, because Jared is a simpleton. These kinds of shots from outside the administration is how Bannon intends to remain relevant, He knows that Trump will hear it.


Ya think?

No. He does not.

So was the treason and working for Russian intelligence to attack America in exchange for money laundering and pee hookers.