Discussion: Baltimore Police: Gunman Shot Into Crowd At Random, Killing 1 And Injuring 7

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People aren’t getting killed with guns because of mental illness. They aren’t getting killed with guns because we banned prayer in public schools. They aren’t getting killed with guns because abortion made life seem less valuable. They’re getting killed with guns because there are too god-damn many guns. And the majority of Americans are finally getting ready to do something about it.


A shooting cannot be both “random”, with the killer “indiscriminately firing” as the reporter wrote in the story and editor put in the headline, and also “extremely targeted”, as the Police Chief described it.


Gun control. Ammunition control. Forget the thoughts and prayers. Do something useful.


Was this the good guy with a gun or was he one of those good people on both sides?


Trump would’ve been indicted for Incitement to Riot felony charges if we had a humane, functioning judicial system. We don’t, obviously. Like Trump said, he could murder someone on 5th avenue with impunity, seems to me true now. Such is life in a decomposing, increasingly fascist regime. And yes, too many guns, but a violent cruel president adds fuel to that fire and lights it daily, with his violent rhetoric.

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Baltimorgue. Harm City.

It worked for Mayberry …

This is somewhat related to the topic at hand…