Discussion: Ballot As Symbol: Would I Vote For Hillary Clinton If She Were A Man?

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And here comes the gender questions which are irrelevant, since she’s not a man, and no man is proposing any ideas or counters to her position. So what’s the point in asking? There is no point other than to ask if a man would vote for THIS woman. As if the white male structure can prescribe one’s ballot in their stead. The silly show and micro analysis has started. They haven’t even started on the legitimacy of Ted “Smirky Smurf” Cruz and they go right in on Clinton. Good, she’ll need hardening up. Keep Bill out of the picture. Despite any monikers, he’s not black and does not carry ANY black agency. Tell him to shut up and keep it short and sweet and about YOU. As for the GOP, by the time they rip each other to shreds, all you’ll have are the religious freaks, and they number some 30-33%. The fodder of the GOP. Because by the time they are done, they will have no choice but to go xenophobic, and that will simply be the end of them. Watch, you’ll see.


Wait – she’s not?

Hillary is a Dem. Her opponent will be a Republican. I would vote for Hillary if she were a marmoset.


I didn’t support Obama because he was black, or to make history. I voted for Obama because he had been against the Iraq War, and because I hoped we’d get the kind of President we seem to be getting in the last two years of his term. (Though more and more the ACA seems like the BFD Biden called it.) I will vote, as I always try to do, for the candidate who promises to pursue (most of) the policies that I support, and has a chance to win. If that candidate’s a woman, so much the better. But if a politically savvy grapefruit comes along and promises real action on AGW, for example, I’m gonna consider him/her/it.


’ Old Boys Club ’ - they don’t want a women telling them what to do . ( She might find a few skeletons in the closet ) .

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What. A. Dumb. Piece.

If you can’t see any difference between Hillary and the penis-endowed Republicans, by all means vote for the GOP’s candidate. Or grow a brain and look at her positions and theirs – and while you’re at that, think about what those men would do to destroy your daughter’s future.


Connor, I fear you are going to get smacked around a bit for this piece.


If you plan to vote in an election, you have to make your choice from the candidates you have, not the ones you ideally want. I remember during the 2000 election how some people bought the argument that there was little difference between George W. Bush and Al Gore. You can pay dearly for such mistakes.


And think back. if you can - AND CHECK THE VIDEO IF YOU CANNOT - to the Democrtatic presidential primary debates from January through into May, 2008. Go remind yourself of ANOTHER reason, beyond

A) young black male very junior US senator who gave terrific speeches as a very young ordinary STATE legislator delivered a set-up speech opposing the idea of the Iraq invasion at a time when it would have mattered IF he’d been a national elected pol, which he was not, versus,
B) middle-aged white female twice elected US Senator who was at the pinnacle of the battle for a truly comprehensive national health care aimed particularly at extending meaningful coverage to those unable to afford it themselves, children, women, the poor, the working poor, single working parents and their families, and treating all health care providers fairly and justly for their care.

It was this: Where John Edwards had tried, and somewhat succeeded but largely failed, to animate the earlier debates on the issues surrounding the disgraceful abuse and dismissal of the poor,
Hillary forced Obama into debating the need and basic design priorities for a comprehensive federal health care, on every front of which Obama significantly lagged third behind Hillary and Edwards, which meant he was FORCED to address this issue, and FORCED TO bone up on the many related issues and options, and COMPELLED to claim that as comprehensive as possible ‘a’ national health care plan was a signal priority in Obama’s campaign -
which WAS NOT SO at any time before those debates.

Candy, go back and check the tape.


Straying pretty damned far into “irrelevant-navel-gazing-first-person-pronoun-generalize-from-my-subjective-experience-to-the-“universal”-like-I’m-David-Brooks” territory here…


I always almost scream when I read that someone won’t vote or vote for the candidate best for the Green movement or voted for the Iraq war, etc. They never look on the other side, what would happen to the Green movement if the Republicans win 2016. They just looking one side of the issue and there so many interlocking issues, oil issues linked to Mideast issues, coal use China, etc. When you say that the only issue in your voting decision, you have look and evaluate everything, including economic issues (national and personal) , foreign issues, education, health, etc.


And the trump card for me is always the nomination of Supreme Court Justices.


Only for the elaborate production values, that flashy candelabra, those floating bubbles further dispersing the colorful light already being scattered by that all dominant disco ball, that overly brassy 54 piece marching band providing too loud too flat support, the flashy sequins covering just everything, the extended ostrich-headed arpeggio, and all the false indicators and implied promises of having taken serious care to assemble and weigh and wrestled with the biggest implications and issues.

What Connor has done here is ask us to IMAGINE Hillary as someone and something else she has never been and never will be and has never had the least choice in, on a front which goes to her essence, and put THAT UTTERLY MEANINGLESS PRETEND THEORETICAL STRAW MAN - emphasis MAN - against the array still assembling in the staging area for the clown car race out behind the elephant dung removal detail door.


Does nothing depend, say, on which state you reside in and whether your vote and those of your circles might actually help elect a particular candidate?

Every time in my adult life where a republican has been elected amid arguments that there’s not that much difference between republicans and democrats, event have proven those arguments horribly false.


‘Trust us: we will do it better, we will do more of it, and the doing of it will not cost anyone anything’

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If you think there is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat, you are not a woman, we know the difference.


To do this piece proper justice, I believe we’ll have to wait to see how many of the potentials actually enter the race, on both sides, and then put man pants on the two few females while playing Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man?, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY stripping off the man pants from all the male members and putting them in pink, heels and sensible pumps, colorful yet somehow muted and hopefully tasteful outfits and jewelry ensembles, support panties and undergarment options, the many hairdo choices, and, of course, PANTSUITS!

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I hope you’re talking about how you might vote in a primary. Because if you think that Hillary’s hawkishness is repellant (and there’s plenty of basis for that), you must surely see the continual sabre-rattling and executive-undermining activities on the right as downright terrifying (also plenty of basis). Not to mention, their complete disregard for the humanity, rights, and physical integrity of women like your daughter might someday be.

We don’t yet know who the Republican nominee will be (or even whether there will be a contended Democratic field), but we can be sure that they’re not picking out anybody whose views on foreign policy or domestic issues are to Hillary’s left. For whom, exactly, do you imagine you might vote if this year’s candidate were indeed Howard/Bill? Isn’t a blue dog preferable to a rabid weasel?


Your support for controlling climate change is symbolic only…

If it were real you would take no steps to damage the chances of the person most likely to do something about it. Self-indulgently trumpeting your lack of enthusiasm does precisely that.

The likelihood that the Republicans produce a nominee who is any sounder on the issue than their current crop of clowns is close to nil. The chance that another Democrat with a chance of winning the Presidency gets nominated is low.

So why go out the way to parade your feelings?