Discussion: Bachmann, Wasserman Schultz Clash Over Benghazi (VIDEO)

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Check out that still of Bachmann. That’s a pretty nasty flinch she’s got going on there. I saw this debate (without sound) at a deli on the way home from watching Man City win the Premiership. Bachmann was in the middle of saying something when Wasserman Schultz burst into a smile, and I thought, “Order up: One Whopper, extra crayzeee…”

It must be frustrating to debate delusional morons like Bachmann.


Shame on Rep. Wassermann. Getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent is most unsportsperson-like.


“We need to get answers. This cannot be politicized,” Bachmann started off, explaining how the committee will proceed in a fair manner…

I know she is supposed to be from Minnesota, but really…what planet is she from?

Arguing with someone of Bachmann’s mentality must be tiring:

Shultz: Long, thoughtful sentence that makes perfect sense.

Bachmann: Nuh Uhhhhhh… Benghazi!


I wonder if batsh*t crazy girl really knows the definition of “true”. It seems she relies on that word the more she lies. You know being a truth teller and all on her favorite subjects. Reminds me of some backasswords reasoning coming from those that are, well. headed in the wrong direction. As in ass backwords.

I will not watch anything regarding Ms. Bachmann, and I will dismiss anybody who utilizes Ms. Bachmann as a source for their opinion.

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Just boycott the thing and get it over with.


either someone clobbered her in the eye or she had a scroke.

Wasserman Schultz did an excellent job marginalizing Bachmann and the GOP. She also pleased me by getting under Bachmann’s skin so easily. That was great to watch.


All Michelle has to do is simply open her mouth and she leaves no doubt that she’s a special kind of Stupid…

Class vs. Trash.

I thought Bachmann was retiring? Please, go away crazy, stupid woman.

‘scroke’? Is that a stroke that crazy people get?

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“We need to get answers. This cannot be politicized.”

Okay, Michelle. Just one thing. On behalf of you and your colleagues, do not send out one piece of mail, do not place one add on the airwaves, do not give one speech to a partisan crowd mentioning BENGHAZI!!! or fund raising from it. Can you promise the American people just that?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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Michelle should have learned this long ago: Better to keep your mouth shut and have people Think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt…

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I almost feel pity for Bachmann … ALMOST … to go through life thinking you are speaking something akin to intelligence, but not realizing that the world is guffawing at your attempts at what I think she thinks is communication. She needs to head out into another parking lot and get some better talking points.

Looks like the cat stole Batshit Squawkman’s false teeth again.

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It's like watching a debate between a sentient human being and a 4' x 8' sheet of wallboard. Oh, and in case you are a Teabagger lurking on this site, here's a hint: the wallboard is the one in the white dress.