Discussion: AZ Candidate Apologizes For Saying Shootings Are Committed By Dems

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I bet it was one of those fake repug apologies for those of you who happen to have been offended by anything that was said. If you were mot offended, Right on.


oh no, gosh, I hope this guy wins the primary. can you serve in office, once you’ve been involuntarily committed to a mental institution?

I wonder what he said. I’m sure it would never happen, but rather than giving a blanket “I’m sorry for what I said; it was wrong,” it would be much better if he called out the things he said which were wrong, eg: I claimed that X, Y, and Z were registered Democrats, but in fact X and Y were never registered as Democrats, and Z wasn’t even a citizen! So boy I was really wrong on that."

Instead, the specific inflammatory claims will remain stuck in the collective right wing mind, while the fluffy apology gets forgotten.

Apology not accepted. He didn’t mean it and we all know it. He’s sorry he got caught and looks like a jack*sss nationally. Hope he feels the humiliation to his family and future descendants is worth all the good wishes and congratulations from Aryan Nation and KKK members that he’d receiving now.

AZ Candidate Apologizes For Saying Shootings Are Committed By Dems Out-loud.

Fixed it!

Here is the text of his apology: http://azstarnet.com/news/local/kiehne-apologizes-for-saying-mass-shooters-are-democrats/article_d2750e68-df81-11e3-ab58-0019bb2963f4.html

Surprisingly, he did make a pretty sweeping apology. But what he is trying to do is just push his name in the news. So he got national coverage for making the statement, and then gets more coverage a few days later for apologizing. Mission accomplished.

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If ‘bizarre and deeply offensive’ remarks" were grounds for disqualifying candidates, there couldn’t be any Republican primaries.

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I can care less what he thinks but we all know this is meant for his idiot base. Besides i think all mass killings are done by tea baggers kids who got a hold of mommy and daddys NRA aproved guns.

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Now that he’s admitted to being a complete lair, is he still gonna give me his guns like he promised?

That’s more important, right?

That’s us Dems! When we’re not busy trying to take away everyone’s guns, we’re shootin’ the place up!

I don’t want an apology. I want this bastard to show me where he pulled that “99 percent” figure from. Then the voters can decide what to do with him.

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Mr Kiehne, I’m a 4th generation Arizonan. Now I have to live with the comments you made. People I am acquainted with are assuming Arizona is populated by idiots. I have to now double my efforts to be sane and reasonable and show folks from elsewhere that Arizona isn’t as crazy as you make it seem it is. Your apology is nice but folks won’t be aware of it… They will only remember your stupidity. You have given the state black eyes and nothing you can do will change that fact.

Most fringe GOP types are afraid Obama is gonna take their guns away. As it is Arizona has what are likely the laxest gun laws in America. If democrats are taking guns away from innocent citizens …how is it that only democrats are committing these heinous crimes?

No, I think mass murder is independent of political affiliation.

Why is it that republicans are the ones who make idiotic comments?

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This apology doesn’t fix anything.
Anything this guy can do won’t matter. He gave Arizona black eyes and his apology won’t change that fact because people will remember what he said… not his apology.

Reality has a famous liberal bias. The AZ candidate just discovered reality - so naturally he had to apologize or be a total wuss.

Only a fool would make such an outlandish statement without facts to back it up. I think even Republicans would recognize this as simply untrue. Who checks the political affiliation of those who shoot people? It doesn’t seem to have much bearing on the shooting event as to whether the person was Republican, Democrat, Independent or no political affiliation whatsoever.

The nasty part is that the apology, or the retraction, occurs after the damage has been done. Idiot statements such as this one are frequently done at political rallies and fundraisers. Rouse the rabble. Garner the headlines.

The next-day retraction never gets the press that the original statement gets. The listeners nod their heads, lip-sync the A-Men, and go home with their (false) prejudices confirmed. How often do you (if anyone is reading this) read the “Corrections” column in the paper or the blog? If the apology or retraction doesn’t get a headline, it’s often never seen.

Ms. Kirkpatrick needs to get recordings of the statement as well as the apology – to have them for the record, come serious campaigning.

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He accomplished his objective, getting free press coverage.

The only reason this is national news is that it manifests the strange fact-free isolation chamber in which some white conservatives live. When they say this stuff in public it sounds completely insane.
When a person is experiencing a psychotic episode, the first three diagnostic questions from a care-giver are “Do you know who you are?”, “Do you know where you are?” and “Do you know what time it is?” Gary Kiehne seemed to know who he is and even the time of day. He seems quite unsure about whether he is in the Bizarro Universe or the Universe that includes a large number of Arizona voters.