Discussion: AZ Bill Would Delay Release Of Names Of Officers Involved In Shootings

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Wonder if the bill would also prohibit releasing the names of people accused of crimes. Yeah, right.


If you’re job is to “serve and protect the public” then you should be held accountable to the public for your actions immediately, not 60 days later while the PR flacks have the time to clean up the mess.


Authoritarian entitlement is almost always manifested in some version of ‘Since we’re righteous, ispo facto, the “rules” and constraints are for “the others”.’

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Wow. For such tough-talking hombres, Teabaggers are the biggest fraidy cats I can think of.

But I would not be at all surprised that it delays identification of people shot by police.

This is so far from being the most abominable thing an Arizona state legislator has proposed that I can only shrug my shoulders.

Not to mention release of one-sided evidence.

As a fellow Arizonan I concur.
But that’s not close to the epic derp floating around the AZ Capitol these days. To wit: at a late night meeting of the AZ senate appropriations committee the following comments were heard:

"The most surprising moment of the hearing came with the explanation
of vote from Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-Snowflake) when she said, verbatim,
“We should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend the
church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth. But since that would never be allowed and we would not even be debating that, I am going to vote yes
that people who are responsible and have a CCW permit don’t have to
worry about their gun as they’re out and about doing their business in whatever building they’re in.” She seems to have skipped over the First Amendment on her way to the sacred Second.

Today, she rose on the floor to say she was offended that I tweeted
her public statement about wanting a law to require church attendance,
and offended that the media was asking her for comment. She explained
herself by talking about the moral decay in which
she believes we find ourselves and contrasted it with her early years
of moral righteousness in our country. She told a story illustrating
this higher moral time about her childhood in the late 50s and early 60s
when she used to take the bus with her girlfriends
down to the soda fountain to have a drink all by themselves and no one
threatened them."

The two paragraphs are taken directly w/o any editing from a blog by Sen. Steve Farley (d-dist. 9, Tucson) They were discussing guns in public buildings and the reasons for their votes. That an elected law maker (Sylvia Allen in this case) would think it a good idea to force people to attend the church of their choice has me gobsmacked into extreme incredulity. And then she conflated that into saying guns in any public building is a damned fine idea. I can easily imaging a distraught husband reacting rather badly if heavily armed while attending a marriage counseling session…Or taking your hogleg into a local bar is also a great idea according to Ms Allen… The level of derp is more, much more than just merely epic. I need a new descriptor.


I’m sure you have seen the photos of Geronimo and his buddies with the aforementioned bandeleros with the caption “Homeland Security since 1492”
There are some in our legislature whom I question as to their ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. Ms Sylvia apparently missed the 8th grade lecture on basic civics it seems. The derp on display needs a new descriptor and I’m fresh out.
Nobody, least of all some flake from Snowflake is gonna make me believe (or not believe) in any certain religion or attend a church if’n I don’t wanna. My religion is only between me and that spaghetti sky monster and nobody else. I cannot tell Ms Allen what to believe and conversely she should butt outta my beliefs, I am deeply offended she would presume such ability. In fact I’m mulling sending her an email demanding an apology.

The piece John Oliver did last week on the NH legislature is still in contention for Worst State Legislature Ever award, in my opinion.

A bunch of 4th graders, as part of a school project, wrote a bill to make the red shouldered hawk the state’s official raptor. They then took a trip to the Legislature to watch while it was brought up…the representatives even turned and waved to them all. And then proceeded to absolutely shred the bill. One guy even tossing it that it should be the official raptor for Planned Parenthood. And voted it down.

This is a nothing bill, it costs absolutely nothing, and is about completely neutral politically as a bill can be. Its only purpose is to engage some young people in state civics. So, while those same children are watching…they went out of their way to destroy those aspirations before they even get started.

The names of suspects in all other crimes are usually released within a couple of days at most. Why are police officers treated any differently. To quote the Minister of Magic…

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

The truth is that too often police officers are hiding the truth, lying in their reports, or using the magic “I was in fear of my life” words to justify otherwise unjustifiable actions. No more! It’s time to make a change, and THIS BILL is not the needed change.