Discussion: Avishai: Clinton Needs To Take Control Of The 'Story' Of This Election

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I agree.


I do hope Secretary Clinton (or some of her advisors) read this post. It’s a terrific speech, and she needs to deliver it or some variation of same. She’s not going to win by getting down in the dirt with her opponent, but a simple, reasonable explanation of 1) why he is so unqualified and 2) why she is the only viable choice in this election will go miles with me. Congratulations to the author on a well-written piece.


Simple and easy to repeat – three big action items – Public Option, Infrastructure Security, College Affordability/Debt Relief.

It’s a winner.


Been saying this for a while, but yes she needs to make a version of this speech. Look at the convention bounce. She wins handily with an optimistic, positive message. Making this a referendum on trump requires her to get in the gutter with him and allows him to gain traction if he holds it together for a few days. She may win but it will be closer.


Agree. I would strike the “My Contract with America,” which brings bad things to mind, and I would also delete the “hell” in the no way in hell sentence, because it is something HO would say

Beyond that it is perfect, and wish she would say all of those other words. It is just the right feeling, and I love that it brings in the under ballot people.


Not sure you should begin a speech by saying nobody’s enthusiastic about you. Also not sure you should itemize the media’s attack memes. Just get to the point.


Hillary, you need to deliver this speech word for word! Every single day!

Donald is not an idiot. He just thinks you are.

This is a great line, and every election year I fantasize that someone will actually say it.


“I know that you know my opponent’s faults. So I am going to stop harping on them.”

Stopped right there.

I’m growing increasingly irritated with the left-wing need to demean and dimish Hillary Clinton before then limply declaring that they’ll vote for her and offering up all this advice. This holier-than-her atttiude is just…well, “tiresome” is not the right word. Self-serving. Pathetic. Spineless.

Why isn’t this blogger sending money to PACs in order to make effective ads that help her “take control of the story”? Too much work? Too daunting in view of the fact that “taking control of the story” means having the Media Whores actually be neutral (or something close to it): they are not. They will not be.


I am not sure I agree with everything in the piece, but I agree with the sentiment. Hillary has to make a compelling case for her presidency. Lately she has focused on Donald to the exclusion of Hillary. To the extent she has done that she has seen Donald strengthen. She should let surrogates take on Donald, she should sell herself.


Because years of a racist birther garbage isn’t enough. Because openly admiring the leader of Russia isn’t enough. Because saying you’re going to deport millions of people (maybe, yes, kinda, sure) isn’t enough. White nationalist/white power mainstreaming isn’t enough.

Maybe she just needs to smile more. That seems to be what people want.

Edit: it won’t be hard for polling place workers to pick out the Republican from the Democrat voters on Election Day: they just need to hear the decibel shattering sighs, eye-rolling and muttering of “So flawed, so flawed” to help.


Yes, Hillary needs to get control of the “story”.

The problem is, this is like trying to have an adult conversation with a screaming, red-faced two-year-old in the background, throwing a temper tantrum, rolling on the floor, kicking his heels, banging his head and upping the shrieking volume every time anybody else opens their mouth.


This speech or some version of it, but something more immediately tangible. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama need to sit down together, and seriously discuss the possibility, nay the necessity, of her promising to make and his promising to accept the nomination for the current Supreme Court vacancy.

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Sorry not sorry, but I think this is false equivalence horseshit. Why does Hillary have to apologize for her positions, her experience, her transparency? Get a grip.
Secretary Clinton is an excellent candidate, but her message is drowning in the word salad lies coming from the myriad Trump surrogates and it goes largely unreported due to the media’s obsession with the train-wreck that is Donald J.Trump.


She is not a natural politician. I believe some version of this would be very effective–but it cannot be delivered in the stilted style that characterizes her speeches.

I would suggest, respectfully, that she speaks to the public in the same way that she speaks to Chelsea. Not as if reading a book, but as you would talk to a friend or neighbor, using a normal cadence and smaller, less academic, verbiage.

Just a Thought.


Clinton would NEVER give a speech like that and its good that she wouldn’t. And just who is the author of this bit to tell a seasoned politician with several political victories behind her what she she do in a political contest? Clinton doesn’t create the political climate. She works in it. If she tried a grandstanding speech like the one above she’d be labeled “desperate”. The media doesn’t listen to speeches they look for opportunity in them. They’d take that mess above apart for weeks.

Clinton should win this election. She’ll do that by taking competent competent political advice. If she took the tack above she’d be annihilated in the press and made a fool of from coast to coast.


It wasn’t a winner for Bernie.


I am not fully behind everythere here and I am already campaigning hard for her. But I do think something bold and exciting would be a good idea. A deal closer. Maybe a youth/millenial forum? A mini-Democratic convention focused on the positive messages from the comvention. Feature some new faces in the party. The convention was a HUGE boost. We need to showcase the positive spirit that contrasts so effectively with Trump’s fear-mongering.


Yeah, but don’t you see? Hillary’s a woman so she has to start by apologizing. [/sarcasm]

Seriously. Fuck you if you think she should start with an apology.