Discussion: Avenatti Working To Reunite 2 Girls In NY Separated From Parents At Border

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Who is jerking the lawyers and members of Congress around? This is now the second, third facility that has been playing games.


”Avenatti held a news conference outside a foster care center in Harlem that has been looking after the girls. He said it took two tries plus a series of tweets before the Cayuga Centers facility agreed to let them see the girls…”

And yet, Jim Jordan gets total access to the boys facility, no questions asked.

Often, several times per day.



He missed his calling … actually —

(should of joined the men of the cloth …

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Avenatti said when they first showed up for a pre-arranged visit, he was asked to wait for an hour. Then, a police officer appeared and escorted them out.

After Avenatti tweeted a complaint about not being allowed in, he said he got a call from the center assuring him he could see the youngsters.

A lawyer for the Cayuga Centers declined to comment.

A plan for everything, everything according to plan.

Fun Observation: If the Cayuga Centers need more than one lawyer, you know it’s the best.


Fun and interesting Google search:

We seek a bilingual (English/Spanish) professional to investigate reports of incidents of abuse, neglect, or maltreatment of individuals served by Cayuga Centers …

26 Cayuga Centers jobs available in East Harlem, NY on Indeed.com. Apply to Chief Operating Officer, Assistant Director, Intake Worker and more!

The first one concerns me the most.

And there is this from their website:

Everyone stumbles. Since 1852 we have heard and supported children, families, and individuals who have stumbled and need help taking the next step. We began as an orphanage, providing a home for children when their family members could not. We have evolved. We are a nationally recognized leader in research-informed treatment programs for troubled youth and their families. We have developed family therapy and resiliency programs. We work with children and adults who have developmental disabilities. We support families and individuals experiencing mental health issues.

So nothing about trying to undo the effects of being kidnapped by a foreign government.

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“It’s easier for me to go visit a client on death row in any state in the country than it is for me to go into a center like this and check on two little girls that were stripped from their parents,” Avenatti said.

Perfectly stated.


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