Discussion: Avenatti Threatens To Sue Daily Caller Over Story About ‘Bankruptcy Filings'

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller (proof that bowties cut off oxygen to your brain) obviously confused Mr. Avenatti with Donald Trump…


Such an obvious move by Carlson and Patel. And doomed from the start.


This may make good press, but Avenatti is surely smart enough to know that such a suit would almost certainly be dismissed. He has made himself a public figure, and as such would be hard put to show the actual malice–essentially, knowledge that the allegations are false or reckless disregard of whether they were or not–needed for the action to go forward.


Fine, but what is the alleged proof of this business about Avenatti? TPM?

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That is what I “love” about TPM. Josh invitesyou to go elsewhere for essential information.

They’ll eventually be able to bring him down over polygamy… because everyone I know wants to marry Michael Avenatti.


He was involved in a coffee business with Patrick Dempsey that went south and owed a lot of taxes and other money. There seems to be a question on whether it was just a bad business deal or whether Avenatti sold his interest and took cash out of the business leaving it high and dry and forcing it to close.

I’ve read a few articles on it, but the timing hasn’t been clear and it’s hard to tell whether it’s nothing or sort of bad.


I wonder if I could find someone to whisper negative rumors to me about a prominent and combative lawyer. Because if this stuff is false, it wouldn’t be the first time the Daily Caller has put out unsubstantiated accusations. And if it’s true, the relevance is—um—help me out here?


Bankruptcy? Isn’t that a disqualifier for higher office?

The ‘off the record’ nonsense is due to the boilerplate I’m sure is there for every email … even ‘pizza in the conference room’ type emails.


Marching to the orders to get rid of that effective ‘TV Lawyer’.


I’m only surprised this didn’t happen sooner.


I would bet this is only the beginning of a coordinated campaign effort by the right to discredit this attorney. Rightwing media outlets will ramp up their stories on this lawyer as the election season is underway. Its all they can do since the cat is already out of the bag regarding tRump and the porn star. Like everything else they do when the heat is on, shifting attention to “the bad lawyer who has his own problems” seems to be the only hand they know how to play at this point. Daily Caller will soon be followed by Drudge, Brietbart, Sinclair media outlets, The Enquirer, etc. Its all of a piece.

We’ve seen this movie before…many times, too many times, imo.


Knives…drawers. You know how that works.

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Well, their campaign against Mueller has only managed to enable the diehards to dig in deeper, but it hasn’t influenced the majority of Americans.


Its no coincidence that the real issue is about the discredited lawyer, hustler, and Donald tRump fixer, Michael Cohen…But instead, we get this crap about Avenatti, who we’re supposed to suddenly believe is the real discredited lawyer, hustler and porn star fixer.

When in doubt, the rightwing ecosystem usually punts by means of distraction and projection. Its all they’ve really got as a way to protect tRump from his own malfeasance, lest the country focus on the real facts of the case against him. Bad leadership at the top will undoubtably affect every GOPer out there running for office this cycle, especially if they’re not in a +30 R district or ruby red state. I don’t care how much they try to con people into believing tRump is sooo fucking popular in those places still. He’s not.


Nate Silver compared Avenatti to Trump on this–said they are both blowhards with a contempt for freedom of the press. As if a single attorney telling a Daily Caller hack to go fuck himself is the same as a president who wants the NYT to shut down. Idiot.

But it’s a symptom of a wider phenomenon that I hope we get wise to right away. The MSM is starting to handicap the 2018 midterms–giving equal weight tiny liberal ‘missteps’ and brazen attempts by the GOP to dismantle our democracy. This morning’s TPM story is part of this trend, unfortunately: disseminating the absurd idea that a Dem primary candidate is problematic because he delayed in filing his taxes when he was living in South Africa. And somehow the received wisdom has become that the Blue Wave is fizzling out–even as one blue swing after another occurs in the special elections. Not going to happen.


If it’s true, the relevance is - - - zero.


I have yet to meet anyone in my neck of the woods who openly admits to voting for tRump and is proud of it, and I’m in a pretty Republican area to some degree.


If I were a gambler, I’d say something like this:

“I’ll see your bad lawyer with his own problems, and raise you one president with his own, even more egregious, problems.”