Discussion: Aurora Victims Families Denounce Photoshopped Ad Attacking Udall As 'Disgrace'

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Have these people no shame?

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Nope. ( and not admin sometimes a single word is all that is needed.) the 20 character min is a bit silly.

Agreed. Think they dropped it to ten. However, wrote a very short post yesterday and a message came up that said i should be more descriptive so who knows whats going on - a least we can swear.

If the twerps who run Americans for Prosperity had any sense of shame, this should at least tweak their sense of public perception.

America would have far more prosperity if Americans for Prosperity (Holy fking Orwell) were eradicated.

The answer is a very obvious “no.” There is absolutely nothing that is so low that they won’t do it. All they give a damn about is pushing their elitist right-wing agenda.