Discussion: Atlanta Woman Fatally Shot By Police While Detained In Back Of Squad Car

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What the F? Usually police pat-down suspects when they are attempting to detain or arrest someone. Where did she get a gun to shoot at them? Why was she not disarmed before being placed in a police car?


Meet the officer…

“Schierbaum said it’s unclear how the woman had a gun in the patrol car. Police are investigating whether she had been handcuffed.”

LOL. Yeah…right…“how’d THAT get there?” Do we need to roll the footage from SC again?



Yeah right she shot at the cops with her hands handcuffed in her back.But heck, there already was a guy equally handcuffed that managed to shot himself in the chest.


That was one bad ass woman. She’s locked in the back of a squad car but she’s going to fire on police officers standing outside.

Too many questions for this one. You can’t believe a word police say plus they are in the game of planting evidence.


The very best you can say about this is the police officers were incompetent when they placed an armed unrestrained person in the back of a patrol car. At the worst this story is entirely fabricated. Either way the Atlanta cops are going to back the officers involved.


Bet this will be a very slow walk investigation.

Well their body cameras should support their story perfectly. Oh. Wait. Right. Police don’t want body cams because then they can’t make up complete and utter bullshit stories to protect the fact that they are actually armed sociopaths who can basically do whatever they hell they want to anybody.


I agree that there are many questions in this situation.

If they knew it was a stolen car, aren’t they trained to treat the situation with high alert? They don’t do a pat down, put her in the back and next thing she opens fire on them?? This doesn’t pass the laff test. Now, I understand that ATL police will back up the officers involved but there still needs to be an investigation for, if nothing else, gross incompetence.


Yea this seems like total BS, too many standard procedures broken


ATL Cop#1: Oops! Sh^t!
ATL Cop#2: WTF?! What now?!
ATL Cop#1: I’ve got an idea. (Whisperwhisper)
ATL Cop#2: OK then. Incompetence it is!

That trick never always works!



The only way this could happen is if the police handcuffed the victim, placed her in the car while waiting for a female officer to show up to search her. Some people have no problem switching from a back cuffed position to a front one. Only a thorough investigation can reveal what really happened.

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They’re incompetent, they’re bullshitting, or both. I call both.


if they have a someone who was ina stolen car they will frisk you doown when they get you out the car… period…there are no if’s and’s or but’s here…thats SOP…this smells so bad like the majority of shootins we see no worries about being held accountable for there actions…and it will continue till shit fianlly hits the fan…unfortuantly we all will be covered in shit when that happens


Agreed. Except we’re unlikely to get a thorough investigation unless you bring in the FBI.

With the number of unjustified shootings we have today, it’s long past the time when the police are allowed to investigate themselves. They simply can’t be trusted any longer.


There was a case a few years back…in Texas I believe…where a man was frisked, handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. But somehow, with his hands behind his back and without a gun, managed to still shoot himself in the head and commit suicide.

And that story was completely accepted.


I’m just glad they neutralized her before she unleashed the canisters of pressurized anthrax she had hidden in her pants, not to mention cutting short the detonation sequence she had set in motion on the suitcase nuke in her bra. Pat downs are hard!!


Many times police will wait for a same-sex officer to do the frisk, fearing they will be accused of groping, etc. Plus she might have had the weapon in her panties, and no way a male cop is going to do that unless this was some kind of major crime or it was known there were weapons.

We’ll see what investigation yields, but right now this is not at all hard to believe.

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Male police officers are routinely at risk of assault by women from undetected weapons? Seems like an inherently stupid way to detain someone of the opposite sex.

“Miss, if you have a pistol in your pants could you avoid using it to shoot us, we’re waiting on a female officer to arrive?”

Depends on what they did. They just found her sitting in a stolen car. Yes, it appears they were too casual with her. Does not mean it gives her the right to take a shot at them, does it?

If they frisked her, she probably would claim she was groped, etc.

Surveillance cams from the area are being collected, they should have more info.

Also, I love how TPM took out the last sentence of the AP article, where it says both the cops are black. Hmmm, wonder why they left that out? Trying the FOX approach of hiding info?