Discussion: Atlanta Radio Host Suspended After Lying About Trump Interview

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These folks are beyond disgusting. Nothing is off limits to them.

So a fresh new Trump interview would have been substantively different how, exactly?


It got huge ratings. So it must be the truth.

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Well said. But in all fairness, it really is inexcusable to recycle some of Trump’s tired old shit when he’s constantly dumping heaps of tired new shit to report.


I don’t understand why he didn’t just say yesterday’s interview fell through and then say he was airing an interview from last year? Why lie when the truth serves the purpose?


What a fuckin’ goof!

This is like that old story about the drama critic who didn’t bother to go to the show and wrote a review based on what he figured the show would be like, except he didn’t know the theater had burned down and got fired when he filed the story. The only difference is this guy knew the theater had burned down and wrote the story anyway. It’s a bafflingly stupid move.


Man first VW and then Fox News now some cheezy radio talk show host…who knew there were some many liars out there…ha ha ha… jk…man I bet I can keep this string going…

Is anyone except me interested in what Trump’s “policy statements” were back then? I say, give the guy a voice! I’d like to hear this!!!

Hey! That’s pretty interes… zzzzzzzz.

Lying? Check.
Lazy? Check.
Indignant about being busted? Check.
Claims it wasn’t what it clearly was, even with recorded proof? check.

Trump should hire this idiot.

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Is this the final nail in the coffin for the phrase 'The Real McCoy"?!?!?

Sorry, that’s all I got.

A case where the cover up was worse than the crime. Re-runs happen all the time.

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We don’t have “News” anymore in America. What American chickens get fed (just like mash) is a “diet” of opinion masquerading as “News.”
Rupert Murdock (Uncle Rupe) has an entire Television network that works this kind of “3 card Monte” 24/7/365, he gets away with it, and the chickens just love it. They make him and his “Noise” network number one in the ratings, week in, and week out.
This guy did something stupid. He wasn’t even trying for News. When things didn’t work, he tried to get away with “entertainment.” When that blew up in his face, he gets sent to the sin bin.
His “sin” was that he didn’t think like a Newsman.
Some would say he’s supposed to entertain.
Well, to borrow a line from a favorite film of mine:
“Are you not entertained?!”
That’s one of modern America’s biggest problems.
Americans strive to be entertained, Problems go without solutions, and then they look up from “Emergency kittens” and wonder why things are such a mess.
What a bunch of clucks. But then, that’s what chickens do, don’t they?

If it is not a lie to gain something for the lie, it is a lie for the sake of the lie alone. This sounds pathological. Probably not his first lie in his career would be an understatement I think.

It is not like Trump has kept quiet since then…

Makes sense. Some people lie because that’s what they do. The thing that makes me chuckle is sure, he’s probably some sleazy gross scummy Howard Stern wannabe but the instant the Trump lawyer said he was lying we all said “I think the radio guy is the one telling the truth.” Because it isn’t just some anonymous radio clown who’s a ridiculously constant and heedless liar. It’s also a candidate for President from a major political party who’s that way. Nice.