Discussion: At Least 3 Killed, 172 Injured From Tornado That Hit Havana Overnight

At Least 3 Killed,

When I saw this my first though was, oh crap another shooting…

Not sure it makes the relatives of the victims feel any better that it was a natural disaster.

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If you want to feel small and helpless, invite a tornado over. Glad it wasn’t worse, but I’m sure the numbers will go up a bit.


Not mentioned in the article: are tornadoes common in Cuba? Feels like the wrong sort of terrain (ie not on a continent) heavy rain and strong winds sure, but a tornado seems unusual.

Would make it all the more terrifying to experience.

Next question: odds on the US sending aid? Not only is it the right thing to do for our fellow humans, but it would undermine the “great satan” (blanking on Cuban equivalent) rhetoric nicely.


And there’s water. A lot of water around Cuba. More than Puerto Rico. And it’s wet.
Many people don’t know that.

I had the same question about tornadoes in the tropics. Never heard about one before. I may have to consult my friend Dr. Google.


The only tornado I’ve ever seen in person was a waterspout off of Isla Verde Beach in Puerto Rico in about 1988. One data point, anyway.


I had heard of tropical waterspouts, but I’m assuming this wasn’t one.
Further research indicated.
My first response was “climate change strikes again”, but my first response is probably wrong. It hasmessed up the ‘tornado season’ in Indiana: I read about 1990 that over 90% of known tornadoes 1900-1990 in Indiana were in April, and between 4pm and 9pm. Now they are happening throughout the year and throughout the day and night. Only reason the fatality rate hasn’t risen is the greatly improved warning system.


I was once in a small boat returning to port in Cancun after a snorkeling excursion in the 1990s. At one point, I noticed that the captain kept looking over his shoulder, nervously. I turned around and saw a large waterspout behind us. I got nervous, too, after I noticed that it was moving neither to the left nor to the right.