Discussion: At Economic Forum, European Leaders Attempt To Counterbalance Trump

Funny story.

When Democrats were in power, Republicans attacked them as wanting to turn America into the “policeman of the world” when, in fact, Democrats had no such vision.

But it got Republicans some votes from the disgruntled nationalists who wanted to put America’s interests first. Turns out, Republicans do consider us to be the world’s policeman!

The real Republican vision is for our sons and daughters to sacrifice their lives enriching the wealth of billionaire businessmen.

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“Counterbalance Trump”? Where would they ever find enough horseshit to even the scales?

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“There’s always potential for retribution or retaliation and that’s up to the Chinese to decide,” Ross told journalists as part of the largest-ever U.S. delegation to Davos.

Ross continued that the US could not be held responsible for the global consequences of their actions.

Mnuchin said Trump’s over-riding priority is to boost U.S. growth, and that “economic growth in the U.S. is obviously good for the rest of the world,” he said. “We are open for business.”

That is, until other countries decide they’ve had enough of America’s foolishness and just walk away from us in frustration.

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When America truly was Great


This is the only counterbalance weight that would work on Hair Furor…

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Obama’s fault…

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“Do your worst !”

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Season one of Apprentice President: Riches of Embarrassments

Season two of Apprentice President: Payin’ the Piper

“Our economy is now booming and with all I am doing, will only get better…

shorter tRUmp: I haven’t completely shit the bed yet so…winning!

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