Discussion: As Trump Pushes For Arming Teachers, Stories Of Dangerous Mishaps Emerge

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I’m shocked, I tell ya!


Butbutbut more guns makes us safer, makes us safer, bang, bang, bang…


Wait a minute, what about me?

I go to malls. I go to night clubs. I go to theaters. I go out after dark. I’m not at Trump rallies. There’s guns all over the place!

Who’s protecting me from those crazies?


NRA is gaslighting Americans with this ridiculous idea. It’s nonsensical, but because the NRA has no common sense and won’t agree to restrictions on assault type weapons, we have to scratch our chins and consider this “idea” as if it were a serious proposition.


Idiots. What a stupid idea.


I can guarantee that every PTO and Mothers’ Club in every school in American will be up in arms about this come the first meeting of the new school year in September…right before the election.

There is no better way to insure a huge turn out in the Midterms than for Republicans to push for such a dangerous, thoughtless policy. Woman voters in red states are no way keen on having weapons in classrooms no matter all the hype coming out the the NRA, Faux News or the White House.

Rest assured that a lot of Republican Congressmen are in for the fight of their political lives by following Trump on this incredibly dumb wedge issue.


“Up in arms” as in vehemently opposed, or “up in arms” like this family of real Americans/


Yes, Donny Delirious was Skittles-taste-the-rainbow all kinds of crazy at yesterday’s NRA “Hey, let’s shoot some more high school kids!” pep rally.

"They don't have guns, they have knives, and instead there's blood all over the floors of this hospital."

President @realDonaldTrump says he has read that a central London hospital is now "a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds" pic.twitter.com/4yJPIbZI84

— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) May 4, 2018

No, Donald, silly boy! It’s not the knives that have the people of London hiding under their beds. it’s The Shropshire Slasher!


Cameron Kasky, one of the survivors of the Parkland HS massacre, went on CNN and called Trump a “professional liar” and called his NRA appearance a “dog and pony show”. Well, at least he didn’t make fun of Donald’s eye shadow. LOL!


Speaking Friday to the NRA convention in Dallas, President Donald Trump called for allowing trained teachers to carry concealed weapons in schools, along with more armed security guards.

He said the best deterrent to would-be school shooters is “the knowledge that their attack will end their life and end in total failure.”

He added, “When they know that, they’re not going in.”

Sorry to tell you Dotard Donnie there is this thing called death by cop, it’s also known as suicide by cop. And just like suicide bombers they’ll want to take as many people out with them. Suicide bombers target police stations and military check points.
For some just committing suicide because their life has become intolerable is not enough, they’ll take some with them in their death wish. They want others to hurt as bad as they do.


He was placed on leave and is under investigation.

What kind of investigation is necessary? His gun, he’s in the office alone, his gun goes off and blasts into a neighboring classroom. Fire the bastard already!

@lastroth thank you for stating this. If only the glaring truth of it was as apparent to the National Russian Apparatchiks as it is to all normal people. Common sense gun laws NOW!

Finally, Dennis Alexander and Michael Main showed true courage in taking responsibility for their actions, however unintended. They set as good a model as James Shaw, Jr. and Tammie Jo Shults.


What could go wrong? Well there’s always the first law of unintended consequences. My mother was a Murphy so I’m very familiar with it.


When I was going to high school in Orange County, CA, a number of my teachers were John Birchers, and they were scary enough without guns.


Kudos to these kids - they’re more willing to “tell it like it is” than most members of our media.


“From another direction he felt the sensation of being a sheep startled by a flying saucer, but it was virtually indistinguishable from the feeling of being a sheep startled by anything else it ever encountered, for they were creatures who learned very little on their journey through life, and would be startled to see the sun rising in the morning, and astonished by all the green stuff in the fields.”

― Douglas Adams, So Long, and Thanks for All the FIsh

Also, AP reporters.


The NRA is a de facto Mfr’s Rep for the gun industry, and as such they hide behind their non-profit status and make any lame argument possible that might sell more guns. Doesn’t have to make sense beyond that.

Stats are against them and they know it: the market is saturated; Remington is going bankrupt; fewer households are buying guns; the only buyers are those who already own multiple weapons and that cohort is aging out.


Like well trained professionals? Police officers frequently miss their target, even unarmed targets.

In the recent shooting in Sacramento, two well trained professionals fired 20 shots at an unarmed black man holding a cell phone in his grandmothers backyard.

They hit him 8 times. Or missed with 60% of the shots fired.

In a crowded school, with alarms going off, panic, screaming students and teachers?


People who are itchy to kill.
People who don’t want to get killed
People who want to create safety.
People who don’t feel safe.
Who likes military assault type weapons?
Who doesn’t like military assault type weapons?
I can keep going, wondering when I might run into the words:
Rational Thought Process


Oh, Christ! Not Michele “One L like Bachmann!” Fiore! I remember back in the day when a writer who worked on TPM - I think her name was Lauren Fox - tried to posit that Fiore (a failed porn star and failed human being) was the greatest American hero since Nathan Hale, because she supposedly ended the Bundy Dildo Brigade Stand-Off at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon in February of 2016. The (deserved) grief that Ms. Fox received from the commenters on this site due to her reporting on this event was savage, and hilarious. Funny, but I don’t think she writes for TPM anymore.