Discussion: As Trump Loses Patience With Fox, Another Fox News Host Clips Him Over McCain

He will end up watching Alex Jones all the time, and the WH will soon be awash with AJ’s “nutritional supplements”.


How many Republican Congress Critters have said that?



Putin could probably eliminate Trump as president in a matter of weeks by making him (by bot/troll methods) believe that his support is down to Jed Clampett and Jethro.


Hume, like Roberts, used to be a fair journalist until he sold out to the Australians.

Just you wait, Brit! The glares will be coming your way soon!

Brit, Brit? Is he even an Amurikan?


I don’t know about Jethro, but Jed was no Trumpster


If Chiselin’ Trump hasn’t lost Jethro yet, then he also hasn’t lost Jethrine.


I wonder if he can even rely on Mr. Drysdale at this point


“Don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows”…


I’m sure the ‘news’ will be full of stories concerning the Manchurian Cantaloupe’s (MC) former devoted enablers ‘distancing’ themselves but I wouldn’t put too much weight in any of it. The ‘distancing’ is quite incident specific, focused on a single base act among the thousands MC has committed, and quite easily tossed down the rabbit hole when (not if) required.

Frankly this all seems of a piece with our host’s point WRT normalizing the Republican party’s main propaganda outlet and by that same token the Republican party itself.

Make no mistake: MC, the Republican Party, and Fox News are all joined at the hip; as Father Marrin said in the Exorcist when Father Damien offered information on the different personalities manifesting in the demon infested child, “there is only one.”


And, when tRump refers to faux news as fake news, we will have won!


I can’t wait for Colbert to bring back Buck Tuckford…


Aunt Pearl, maybe. But Jethro, the double naught spy. No way. He was probably onto Trump from the beginning.


Brit Hume would play a round of golf with Trump without hesitation, and slather him with praise for his iron play. Everyone is a willing critic from their sofa. Standing next to Trump they shrivel like a scrotum in ice water.


Wouldn’t it be great if Fux camp up on the losing end of whether they or the Rump constitute the on_air “talent” who people tune in to see.

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I hate it when that happens…

And now finally Fox hosts will see that carrying water for this man didn’t earn points with him, it only stemmed his disdain while they did so.

I read a history book about the Culper Ring which was probably the book upon which the TV series was based. Anyway, one of the amusing things in the book was a chapter about a Rupert Murdoch predecessor during the British Occupation of NY and throughout the Revolutionary War. He published a screechy Loyalist newspaper in Lower Manhattan and regularly featured fictional propaganda disguised as news, such as claiming the Continental Army was committing atrocities and other fear mongering items. But during my lifetime and prior to 1977, I had never experienced the corrosive like of the NY Post and subsequent Murdoch “news” media.

Nice to know that Hume can tweet with a tiny orange mushroom in his mouth.

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