Discussion: Arson Suspected In Fire At Bill Clinton's Childhood Home

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When, as conservatives,all you have is fear, ignorance and hatred; guess what? Violence happens.

And all of this, can only be stopped when we take our democracy back. Vote.


Old style Bill hater or a new style Hillary hater?


The righteous rise
With burning eyes
Of hatred and ill-will

Madmen fed on fear and lies
To beat, and burn, and kill

Quick to judge,
Quick to anger
Slow to understand

Ignorance and prejudice
And fear
Walk hand in hand


A distinction with little difference.


No. Just another pro-HRC false-flag-ops.
Much like Chelsea timing her pregnancy to give Mom a bump in polls come next Fall.

Thanks Hillary!



Remember the movie Blues Brothers? When they played a blues song at the redneck bar in the south and the audience threw bottles, grew unruly and yelled and screamed at them? Then they started playing a redneck country song and the audience responded exactly the same except with a happy bent?

I’m afraid that sort of behaviour will never change.

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Revenge for this, perhaps?




How do I contribute money to this erstwhile project?



Does every place a president ever lived as a child have to become hallowed ground? That said, I much prefer beautiful old buildings be restored and repurposed rather than have them torn down for parking lots and eyesore modern structures.

Somehow it never ceases to amaze me how dependent self-professed Christians are on using violence as a tool to spread their views or to showcase their prejudices. And on Christmas of all days! Do they even have a passing knowledge of the lessons of the Bible?


Basically I agree. But where I live there’s lots of stuff that’s officially designated historic, and most of the sites aren’t any big deal—the whole downtown where I live is an historic district, for instance. Often the point is more to keep a structure from being renovated or demolished without at least considering the historic aspect. It can require a review process and give the community time to organize and weigh in on the question if people care to.


Probably some libtard egged on by the liberal main stream media. (ummm…snark…yes, snark)

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Old Clinton haters-American Spectator, WSJ, Rush etc.
New-Breitbart, Blaze, Daily Caller etc.

Yeah-They can overlap.

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It’s doubtful an arsonist intent on damaging something associated with a Clinton is this informed.


Love Rush. I basically listen to Tool (my avatar probably gave that away :slight_smile: )and Rush. Great taste in music, my friend.

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There is an interesting story about The Varsity in Atlanta. (Several actually).

For those that don’t know its a big drive through fast food joint across from GA Tech, and is definitely an Atlanta landmark / thing to do.(chili dog all the way with an FO…Frozen Orange drink).

Anyway, the city tried to get it declared an actual landmark, but the founder’s daughter immediately said she would tear the place to the ground if they went forward, so they backed off. Her reason was, that once its declared a landmark, its next to impossible to make any upgrades.

And its perfectly in keeping with the family’s personality. When the founder was a student at GA Tech, he got expelled. He was called into the Dean’s office who reportedly told him “you will never amount to a hill a beans”. He then opened up The Varsity right across the street, and when he made his first million, he paid to have a dump truck back up and dump a hill of actual beans right in front of the Dean’s office.


I heard ‘somewhere’ that Mike Huckabuck’s dog-hangin’ son was lurking in the vicinity…
with a gas can and lighter.

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Sounds like a cool place. And sometimes preserving a thing like a fly in amber is a kind of desecration. Anyway, I’ll try not to get myself started but we’ve got people in my area I call preservation hawks—if it’s old it MUST MUST MUST be preserved no matter how ugly, boring, lacking in real historical significance or whatever.


Set by a Trump supporter??
Glad to read the damage was relatively minor.