Discussion: Arkansas GOP: My Comments On Hillary Getting Shot Were Taken Out Of Context

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“Perhaps I should have used a different word. I didn’t meant ‘shot.’ I meant executed. Sorry for the confusion.”


Another douchebag who forgets that everything is recorded, especially when you say stupid, violent things.


This is how it works. It’s called representative government.

Elected officials.

Presently, according to the latest figures, there is no group of voters in the U.S. with the zeal, persistence and enthusiasm of TeaBaggers. For their Gerrymandered base of voters (brought to you by the 75% of Democratic voters who stayed home in 2010), all that is needed for those House members in those Gerrymandered districts is to keep tossing Red Meat to the Base.

For statewide offices this also applies to most of Dixie, Plains states, Mountain states like Idaho and Wyoming and large LARGE swaths of voters in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest.

The question of “what constitites Red Meat” is being answered on a daily and weekly basis, as we approach the the 2014 and 2016 elections. And it will get uglier and uglier.

In addition, as the bar of “news” permissable without lawsuits gets lower and lower…

What is bad becomes good
What is horrible becomes “I was taken out of context”
What is depraved becomes “patriot”


'Perhaps I used the wrong word."

“It was completely blown out of proportion,” he added.

Which is it?


But Mr. Rhoda still thinks his home state is full of violent psychopaths?


He was talking about his brain.

Another big mouth that proves to be a coward.


It was not taken “out of context”. He meant every word of it as a predicated threat upon a public figure.


Perhaps I am using the wrong word in describing Rhoda as a complete dumbass.


It was taken out of wing-nut-bubble context and put into normal-people context.


Did the assassins of the two Las Vegas policemen or the shooter of Representative Gifford also take the irresponsibly violent right-wing rhetoric “out of context”? I think not.

Perhaps in your particular case, Mr. Rhoda, it was just “the wrong word”; but the cumulative effect of such talk is deliberate.


“I never said what I said!”

Classic Teabbaggery.


Senator Jesse Helms, the likely next chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, created a new uproar today when he was quoted saying that President Clinton was so unpopular on military bases in North Carolina that he “better have a bodyguard” if he visits the state. Mr. Helms later called the comment “a mistake.”

from 1994. it never changes: different assholes, identical mindset.


I’d like to crack this hillbilly’s skull open…with the cudgel of truth.

Uh huh. Baggers are trying to start the next teahadist revolution under Bundy, have literally shot people, yet this bagger was “taken out of context.” Please bagger. You knew exactly what you were doing.


Interesting guy.
Pastor of a church he founded. President and vice president of a non-profit org that’s been waiting for 501©3 status for a couple of years. Owner of a financial services business and proud possessor of a $75.00 PhD from a diploma mill in Abu Dhabi- and yes, he refers to himself as Dr. Rhoda.
All of his scams seem to be unprofitable if the foreclosure on his residence a few years ago is any indication.
All in all, a fine upstanding Republican operative.


It is to be hoped that the Secret Service can refrain from drinking and whoring long enough to keep an eye on this character.


To quote the great Psychiatrist Dr. Oatmn. “You thought it, and then you said it.”

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2016 can’t come soon enough for African-American voters to vote in even greater numbers against the TeaKLAN for every death threats against the Obama family;for every single insult;every single lie;for every act of racism

The GOP will PAY for decades to come and they can nominate Tim Scott,Mia Love or Allen or Carson and it won’t work and they’ve got no phucking clue.