Discussion: Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Admits To Contempt of Court In Racial Profiling Case

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Putting Arpaio in jail for an indefinite period of time would seem like an excellent idea.


He certainly looks concerned.

Of course, he’s not willing to do anything radical like stepping down.

He needs to be fitted for his pink underpants.

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MOre OHBurmmer RAciaL prOFILINg of WHITe MEn. ARAPAIO is thE onLY MAN braVE enOUGh to STANd up TO OHbummer and HIS plaNS to creATE a ONE party NAtion wITH relaxed VOTING laws AND ILLEgaL immigranTs and ANCHorbabies voTING wHICH I read ABOUT on thE INternet. SO it’s has to BE trUE becAUse you can’t LIE on the INTernet!11!1!!one!1!!!

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LIAR!!! This is about the Birth Certificate!

American Hero Sheriff Joe™ (and his trusty sidekick, Starfleet Commander Zullo) is close - THIS CLOSE! - to exposing the fraud Barry Soetoro, the traitorous Kenyan/Indonesian usurper, with their Universe Shattering News™ of infamous infamy! This is Obummer and his DARPA-employed minions’ last chance to head Joe off at the pass!