Discussion: AP Sources: Manafort Tied To Undisclosed Foreign Lobbying

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до свидания, Paul.


The Commie connection to this GOP candidate’s campaign just gets more and more pronounced. Soon even Trump’s base like Sarah Palin will be able to see it from her back porch?


Gee, all of this Russian connection stuff is such a surprise.

Especially while Ivanka is vacationing in Croatia with Putin’s main squeeze Wendi Murdoch.

Just in time for Dad to start getting his classified briefings. I hope they give him comic books, which should at least keep his attention a bit longer (pictures! color!) than all those long boring words…


Manafort is such a foul and depraved piece of work, and like Trump, ONLY money manages to keep his attention for long and he doesn’t care how much damage he causes or who he hurts as long as he profits from his actions. He’s a soul sucking parasite, much like his boss.


The “October Surprise” may be Manafort in a perp-walk.


I am certain that the GOP members of Congress will call for an immediate and full investigation of this matter.


"A man is known by the company he keeps."

And Manafort’s “company” reeks of despotism, repression and the destruction of all aspects of personal liberty in the pursuit of power and money:

Trump: "There’s something going on folks…There’s something going on."

[Trump’s Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, is a notorious spin doctor for Third World dictators, a leader of the “torturer’s lobby” who represented and lobbied for a true rogue’s gallery, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (then Zaire’s) Mobutu Sese Seko, the Philippines’ Ferdinand Marcos, Somalia’s Siad Barre, Sani Abacha of Nigeria, and Kenya’s Daniel arap Moi; other clients include Jonas Savimbi, the leader of the Angolan human-rights-abusing rebel guerilla group UNITA, and the Kashmiri American Council: a front for the terrorist-dealing Pakistani government intelligence service ISI that had helped create the Taliban, among other nefarious dealings.]



(Part 2)

Jesus, what fucking rancid grease lawyer signed off on this for the Podesta Group? It’s not just the FARA violation. It’s that the potential for a FARA violation also opens them up to a money laundering charge. And Manafort? Oh yeah, he’s going to be having some talks with some humorless G-men in the company of his attorney.

There are several kinds of “opinions of counsel” people can buy. There are the “I have looked at this and I believe this deal is completely legal” opinions and then there are the “I have looked at this and I have concluded that there is a strained argument that I can make under an even more strained definition of the term ‘good faith’ that in itself negates the true meaning of ‘good faith’ that it might just be legal.” The former are often required in financial transactions. The latter are used by people to try to prove they did not have criminal intent after they get indicted. And there are a range of letters between these two that accompany creative tax swindles to hopefully keep their clients from being indicted, their degree of certitute basically determining whether or not you just have to pay the tax or whether you also have to pay a penalty and, if so, how big a penalty.

The lawyers who deal in the preparation of these letters are typically soul-dead but rich, people who have crossed so many lines over the course of their careers that their consciences are long since obliterated and they think the idea of “right and wrong” are quaint and naive. But FFS, the only way any lawyer would sign off on this was if he had deliberately concocted a paper trail that would “prove” that he hadn’t actually been given all the facts by his client, to create a double-deniablity loop–the lawyer gets to claim his client didn’t give him all the facts, the client claims he didn’t know his lawyer needed the facts that were withheld and so innocently relied on his advice. And hopefully the lobbyist client can even claim that its client didn’t give it all the facts.

But Jesus wept, how fucking stupid do you have to be to take on this kind of firm-destroying penal risk for a lousy million bucks?


Trump is a clown, a stooge, a useful Kremlin idiot deserving laughter and contempt. Unfortunately and tragically, expect a Putin instigated “false flag” domestic terror incident in October.

I wonder if/when Alex Jones’ paranoid legions will turn on him? There must be some who can see this conspiracy.


Only five years? Don’t get busted with a joint or you’d be doing 7 to 10.


Does this explain today’s “I gotta be me” campaign shake up?

Depends on your creditors. It is damn costly to run a lobbying operation. Sometimes you owe money to people who don’t like not being paid. .

This guy is a Russian agent he violated the law now FBI stop with the E mails and do your job lock this guy up.


I am probably stating the obvious but clearly there is smoke here. Keep on looking for that fire.

**is it a coincidence that Manafort’s role is being diminished within campaign? Did Manafort get the same classified brief Trump did? **


Hey everybody, look over there! E-mails! Benghazi!


So maybe this is why Manafort is saying he didn’t receive those clandestine cash payments. He was just acting as a bagman for various shell “nonprofits”.


Can’t read the full article (have no subscription), but The Times seems to have a relevant interesting piece…


Newbie here. Signed up to test my hypothesis on y’all.

The trump campaign is a strategy being operated on behalf of russian interests, designed to destabilize the West.

By fracturing and possibly destroying the republican party, the status quo in DC is upended. Conservative voters will be splintered into various, rival tribes.

Insurgency against the establishment is their mantra. The next time you hear “anti-establishment” be very cautious. Remember, the Democrats narrowly avoided such a splintering event with the “Bernie Bros Revolt”.

Bottom line: be careful what you wish for. The demise of the gop may benefit putin’s interests, which may deal a severe, possibly crippling blow, to our democracy.

The smoke is rising from that mysterious last minute rewriting of the GOP platform plank urging US support of democratic forces in Ukraine, including supplying of arms if necessary. Suddenly, according to mystified members of the platform committee, “Trump forces” stepped in and rewrote the plank to soften it and remove the reference to supplying arms.

As I have said before, exactly WHO in the GOP would be that interested in the wording of this particular plank? Can you think of ANYONE in the GOP who would not be in favor of opposing Russian expansion? It’s been a staple of GOP policy for decades. And yet someone…a member of the Trump team according to sources on the scene…came in and made the change.

Now just who might that be? I could not possibly guess. And don’t guess Trump because he has no interest in policy and even less in the platform of the political party he is using as a tool to an end. His position was clearly…let em write whatever they want. I am not interested in it, nobody reads it and I’m going to do what my gut tells me. HAD to be Manafort. Had to be…and why is increasingly obvious.