Discussion: AP Source: Justice Department To investigate Chicago Police

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"All three of them — the police, City Hall and the prosecutor's office — are suspect," Jackson said. "We cannot trust them."

Amen, Rev. This Justice Dept. probe is welcome, and long overdue. Props to our AG who called early on for the investigation, and also Bernie Sanders, who called for anyone involved in the cover-up to resign [e.g., Rahm and Alvarez]. Clinton’s campaign, OTOH, “made it very clear she was not calling on Emanuel to resign,” which is disappointing.

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DOJ should look at more than the CPD. We already know about its problems. The relation between police and local prosecutors should be included,


This is great. I know a lot of liberals want Rahm’s head on a platter, but I don’t see how that helps at all. The problem is the police force that has been out of control for decades and, as BankerPup mentions above, a complicit prosecutor’s office. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference who is mayor or even police chief if the cops have no reason to worry about actually being prosecuted for abuse.

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And the fact is, if he’s so inclined. Rahm may be the only one with the steel cojones to do something about it. I can’t think of anyone else who could.

They shouldn’t stop with Chicago. There are numerous other departments across the country that need to be investigated for corruption and outright murder.

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No, that’s not right, Plucky. The mayor is far more important than the police chief in sending signals to the rank and file. Rahm exists primarily for the white business community, and he is quite responsible for the sweeping under the rug police brutality and killings. For example, he said that he had not seen the Laquan McDonald killing video, but then admitted that he chose not to view it, so that he could say he hadn’t seen it when reporters asked. And he paid off the family and suppressed the video until after his election. I don’t know how much more of an enabler, and a blocker of reform and justice, he could be. And he paid off the family and suppressed the video until after his election.