Discussion: AP Poll: 56 Percent Think US-Russia Relationship Will Worsen Over Next Year

Michelle Obama: “The presidency doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are.”

Some folks are slowly learning what a lot of us knew and Ms. Obama told the rest.


Jim Carrey paints the downfall of Donald

Trump wrecks everything he touches.

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“Trump has opened up a whole bucket of worms, and he’s doing it with too many countries all at once,” … “It’s almost like he’s trying to get us into trouble.”

Duh. Wonder why that is?
I’d have supposed that worse US-Russia relations were a given once news of ‘that Trump-Russia’ thing came out. God only knows what’s been keeping that from happening. (s)
Really, there’s only one way for relations to go once someone shows the aces up our Quisling-in-chief’s sleeve.

I would like to think that the US-Russia relationship will get worse. That would be a sign that der Furor hasn’t undermined the system completely.

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Of course. That’s what his Russian mob financial backers hired him to do.

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