Discussion: AP: Police Abuse Databases To Get Info On Neighbors, Romantic Partners

Man I knew about this 25 years ago. At that time the data base was called NCIC or National Crime Information Center. It is illegal to access it for any purpose other than official. I had 2 cops as tenets at that time and both regularly accessed it to check up on people they had personal relationships with. They scoffed it me saying that was illegal but all I got for it was cop talk like "who you gonna call…the cops? "

When I moved to Jacksonville Florida I was involved in an incident with a drunk cop on the Riverbend Apartments fishing pier. He had me arrested. That arrest was determined to be false and eventually resulted in the termination of the cop. But not before a little icon was put in that data base that told any cop accessing my info that I’d been responsible for a cop losing his job. It was a huge pain in the ass. 3 more BS false arrests and finally I dealt with a good cop. He told me what was happening so I petitioned to have my info reviewed by a Judge. And I think anyone can guess the rest.

It isn’t going to stop unless you PUNISH the cops that do it. And that is NEVER going to happen.


In the grand tradition of FBI head J. Edgar Hoover,

Isn’t it about time we started treating criminals in uniform like the criminals they are? This behavior should be punishable by fines and prison time, not suspension. And police who file false police reports should be subject to the same sanctions as civilians who file false police reports. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that if a few cops went to jail for lying on shooting reports, we’d quickly see fewer citizens being shot by police. Police, who have access to the most sensitive information about all of us, and who are empowered to bring the full force of the government to bear on our freedom and even our very lives, must be held to at least the same standard as the rest of us.

In the hospitals, if you are found in a record of someone not your patient…termination


They need a HIPAA type rule for law enforcement. Violations should be dealt with severely.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Latin for who watches the watchman.

They should have a law that anytime a government computer accesses your information, you get notified.

If there is concern about compromising a criminal investigation, then you can put a time period on it, such as within one year.

If a Government Employee knows their target will get notified eventually, my guess is they would be more hesitant.

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