Discussion: AP: Obama Mentoring Trump On World Leadering

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Sorry, Mr. President, that’s a fool’s errand.


WTF Obama?! So honorable until the bitter end. Best damn president ever.


Better for all that Trump listen to PBO instead of Bannon, Sessions, Giuliani, et. al. I hope he keeps Obama on speed dial.


Once more, Obama goes above and beyond. Another selfless act that he’ll never the credit he deserves for.

This actually gives me hope for the first time in nearly two weeks.


It’s unclear, though, how much help Trump wants or will accept from Obama. And no one expects that the executive tutoring will substantially change Trump’s vast differences with Obama, who he called the worst president in U.S. history.

Trump, to the surprise of many, seemed game. He said he wanted Obama’s “counsel” and looked forward to “many, many” more meetings.

This is not the time for orange to be honest and say he’s not going to listen to Obama, but taking many, many meetings is always fun. He’ll bring Mellie who can measure the drapes.


Typical AP regurgitated nothing, like they never realized the media world has changed since 1983. We’ve seen everything in the piece days ago. I suppose they think this will be useful for the Sunday papers in the county-seat dailies that survive here and there in cow country.


That nobody reads because they get all their news off of Breitbart.com and Fox if they have TVs and who the hell doesn’t have TVs?


JUST further attempts at convincing the people who KNOW what trump really is…that he is just a normal guy wanting to learn and be presidential.
truth is…trump has no respect for obama nor the office because i believe what he has said about obama and others… and his racist picks to staff the government…speak to his words.
only a fool would believe otherwise.


After meeting with Trump following the election, Obama resolved to spend more time helping prepare Trump than he might …if Hillary Clinton had been elected, aides said.

Obama thought he would get Hillary, stateswoman and gardener to tend Michelle’s kale in the Rose Garden. He got Chance the gardener instead.



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So will the Walking Shitgibbon Clusterfuck (WSC for short) accept “mentoring” from a black man who is President? I’ll be surprised if he does. After all this is the guy who knows more than all the generals about ISIS cuz he read it in the papers and can do a deal like nobody’s bidness. Surely ISIS will do a deal…OH but wait! We don’t “do” deals with terrorists. Well dang it! I guess he will just hafta learn on the job.


For a secret Muslim who hates America, Obama is doing a terrible job of torpedoing America during this transition


Chance was on a higher plain of existence and thought nothing of walking on water. The Walking Shitgibbon Clusterfuck (WSC) is in no way on a higher plain of existence. The basic problem is we have a …well …someone who utterly lacks anything resembling experience in operating anything more than an elevator and who has been hired to do the most complex and unrelentingly frustrating job on the planet. With the added attraction that he can, of he chooses, blow us all to kingdom come.


Yes. Chance was merely an idiot whose only knowledge of the outside world was gathered from watching tv and whose expensively tailored suits and courtly manner fooled people into thinking his simple-minded statements of the obvious re gardening, the seasons and the weather were profoundly insightful allegorical references to economic and business theory. Trump is all these things plus a bully and an asshole.


You want mansplainin’, I got mansplainin’ from the troglodyte named Flynn. rump’s picked this guy to be natl security advisor, no confirmation necessary as far I know. He told his female DIA staff this in 2013.


I think in 6 months (assuming trump hasn’t been impeached by then) that trump will be looking for any way he can to escape the job. It’s not gonna be what he thinks it will. My hope is that we all survive.


Like pouring perfume on a pig.


“We are very deferential and respectful of the fact that we already have a president of the United States, Barack Obama,” Conway told reporters. “President Obama is still in office for the next two months, and we won’t be making diplomatic agreements today.” Yes, they’re not like those Reagans who asked the Carters if they could move out early so Ronnie and Nancy could start redecorating.


What did the President get in return. Save our safety net from the corrupt gop? Save his legacy?

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