Discussion: AP-NORC Poll: Disasters Influence Americans' Views On Climate Change

Reality’s a bitch ain’t it.
Like all good Americans they don’t get it until it affects them personally.
See: LGBQT children, Republicans


Call me crazy but I’ll take the conclusion of a 62-year-old scientist (race and gender unimportant) who has studied climate change his entire career over a 62-year-old homemaker or a 25-year-old engineer.



As a people, there is practically nothing that Americans cannot do.

But they have to be aroused.

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Small children can be warned repeatedly about a hot stove but most have to touch it before the lesson is ingrained. Failure of imagination, empathy and conceptualization is a hallmark of conservative mentality.

“A majority of Americans, 57 percent, would support a proposal that would add a $1 monthly fee to their electricity bills to combat climate change. But most oppose proposals that would increase their own monthly costs by $10 or more.”

Too little too late. Electricity costs are projected to double just for air conditioning by 2050.

People who work against global warming remedies are still in power. The big frogs are actually stoking the fire heating their water while they convince the little frogs that they do not smell frog soup.

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This is the result of the attacks on education all these years.

Also, too: Why aren’t people and Dems yelling at the trump/Mitch Rs about the replacement of Obamacare they promised that has never appeared? (I know they don’t have one, but yelling at them about it might be a good idea.)


Can’t pay attention to the 95% of the scientists who have been ringing the alarm bells for a while now. Nope, gotta learn the hard way.

Oh well. At least they’re learning.

Ack! I’ll be 86 if I make it to 2050. Don’t want to think about that yet!!!

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deadly wildfires in California, rainfall by the foot in Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit and the dome of smog over Salt Lake City

Add to that extreme winter cold events in the U.S. northeast, such as the 2014 freezing of Niagara Falls. These are triggered when sudden stratospheric warming (made more likely by polar ice loss) splits the Polar Vortex, sending blobs of arctic and sub-arctic air into the northeastern U.S., northern Europe, and/or Siberia.

Global warming will increase the winter coldness of the northern Atlantic regions even more as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Currents (which includes the Gulf Stream) become more and more sluggish – eventually failing completely.

This sure was lovely to read this morning. From the new book about the chaos in the White House, Team of Vipers, it shows just how out-of-touch with reality Trump (and current republicans) is and how impossible it is to get any sort of meaningful legislation passed unless it involves ways to line his pockets.


I wish those Big Macs would bring him down. Live on TV.

Yes, because things just got worse.


Kavanaugh and company.

Well, this a shock, isn’t it? To NOBODY.